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Hearings begin for olympic "Blade Runner"

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Trial for Oscar Pistarius began friday after he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Thursday, Washington Post said.

Pistarius, also known as the "Blade Runner" was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, model, Reeva Steenkamp, Friday, according to the Washington Post. Denied and plans to fight the charges against him,CNN reported.

In a court appearance Friday, the Washington Post reported Pistarius sobbed through his hearing and was shaking.

Pistarius shot Steenkamp four times on Valentines Day after he believed her to be an intruder, CNN reported.

Journalists of the Washington Post reported, Pistorius had been involved in past incidents of assault against former girlfriends.

Pistrius is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a bail hearing, CNN said.

Pope to resign at the end of the month

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Pope Benedict XVI announced his plans to resign at the end of the month Monday, reported CNN.

The announcement came as a shock to people around the world, said BBC. Even his closest aids didn't know the Pope's plans. This is the first time in 600 years that a pope has resigned said both CNN and BBC.

Pope Benedict served the Catholic Church for eight years before deciding earlier this month he wanted rest, said BBC.

BBC reported that the Pope feels he is too old to continue at age 85. It was reported that Pope Benedict's doctor advised him against anymore transatlantic trips said BBC.

Pope Benedict said in a statement, "My strengths due to advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of Petrine Ministry," reported CNN.

Officials of the Roman Catholic Church plan to elect a new pope before Easter, reported BBC.

New Delhii rape trial begins

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The male companion who was with a 23-year-old female student when she was raped and left for dead on a city bus in New Delhi testified Tuesday said CNN.

The man in one of 86 witnesses to testify in the case reported BBC news.

The male and female students were attacked, robbed, and then dumped on the side of the road back in December. The female died Dec. 29 from injuries of the attack. The male showed up to court Tuesday still unable to walk due to injuries he suffered during the December attack said BBC news.

The five defendants face 13 charges including murder, rape, kidnapping and destruction of evidence. The sixth suspect is 17 and therefore will be tried in juvenile court reported BBC news.

This case has led to stricter laws on sexual assault and harassment of women in India. It has also sparked changes in cultural attitudes toward women reported CNN.

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee singed an anit-rape law which increases the minimum sentence for those convicted of rape said BBC news.

Syria promises retaliation against Israel

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Promises of retaliation against Israel came from Syria Thursday, a day after an Israeli air attack reported ABC news.

Israeli air craft targeted a Syrian convoy that allegedly was carrying anti-air missiles reported ABC. The missiles were believed to be headed to Hezbollah, the Lebanese military site allied with Syrian guerrillas. The attack is linked with Syria's ongoing rebellion reported CNN.

CNN reported the Israeli government feared Syria would use these weapons against them. Syria however denied these allegations stating that these weapons do not exist.

Syria feels they have the right to defend themselves against such attacks and has threatened to attack Israel BBC news reported.

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