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California gunman kills 3 in spree of carjacks

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A California gunman killed three people early Tuesday as he went on a spree of shootings and carjacking before killing himself , The New York Times reported.

The gunman, who has not yet been identified, killed three people and wounded one other in a carjacking and shooting spree. The carjackings started around 4:45 am in the community of Ladera Ranch, The New York Times reported.

The suspect, only described as a man in his 20s, is believed to have stolen a car and killed the driver. Police later received a third call from a carjacking several miles away where two more victims were found, ABC news reported.

When police finally caught up to the suspect, the man turned the gun on himself, killing himself in front of police, ABC news reported.

Nightmare at sea is finally over

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More than 4,200 passangers aboard the Carnival Cruise ship, Triumph, began their journey off the ship and onto land, reported CNN.

The cruise ship finally was able to dock Thursday after its engine was disabled five days ago at sea, stranding passangers, reported CNN.

The ship reached the port around 9:30 pm with passangers eager to disembark the filthy ship, said ABC news. Passengers were let off an hour later.

The Carnival Triumph departed Galveston, Texas, Thursday and lost power Sunday after a fire in the engine room disabled the vessel's propulsion system and knocked out most of its power, reported ABC news. The ship had to be towed by two boats back into the harbor at Galveston, said CNN and ABC.

After the ship lost power, sewage started leaking from the walls and into the hallway, reported CNN.

Carnival Cruise's CEO Gery Cahill greeted the ship and apologized for all damage caused not only to the ship but to passangers as well, reported CNN.

Eight people are dead and 38 others were injured Sunday night after the driver of a tour bus collided with a sedan and a pick-up truck on a mountainous road in southern California reported BBC news.

The cause of the crash has not yet been determined, however BBC reported that the bus driver said the bus experienced brake problems before losing control.

CNN reported that eight people had been killed and 38 others were injured in this horrific crash. The injured were rushed to local hospitals after suffering injuries from being thrown from the vehicle or entrapment inside the bus. By late Sunday night, all passengers had been removed from the bus.

The bus belonged to Scapades Magicas bus company and was carrying a tourist group from Tijuana Mexico who had planned a day of skiing at Big Bear reported the Star Tribune.

Witnesses at the location of the crash described the scene as chaotic said BBC news. Firefighters from eight different agencies were called to the scene to help with clean up and transporting the wounded to local hospitals BBC news reported.

Boy Scouts to rethink anti-gay policy

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The Boy Scouts of America are considering a new policy that would allow gays to participate in the troops reported the Wall Street Journal. The change in policy is planned to be discussed next week.

Up until now, same-sex relations went against scout oath saying that "scouts must be morally straight." Coservative troop groups believe this new policy undermines the "moral integrity" of the organization said the Wall Street Journal.

Washington Post reported that membership to the Boy Scouts is declinging and major foundations are withholding donatations due to the anti-gay policy.

The organizations leaders say they may lift the ban but ultimately it will be left up to the local groups whether they let gays participate or not.

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