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Under Armour sues nike over trademark dispute

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Under Armour has filed a law suit against Nike saying "Nike has infringed on Under Armour trademarks by using variants of the phrase "I Will" in promotional campaigns," USA Today reported.

Last year Nike launched an ad campaing using the slogan "I will.... " Under Armour who has been using that slogan since 1998 fears customers will confuse the two brands, the Pioneer Press reported.

The suit, which is seeking a trial by jury, asks for a permanent junction to stop Nike from using "I Will." It also asks for destruction of all Nike products that bear the phrase, USA today reported.

North Korea tests third nuclear weapon

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North Korea detinated its third nuclear test early Tuesday, reported the New York Times.

According to the New York Times, North Korea used a miniature and lighter nuclear device with greater explosive power. The test was conducted in a sealed tunnel and set off a small seismic wave, reported the Washington Post.

This is the first test conductedby the North's new leader Kim Jung-Un, said the Washington post.

The Washignton Post reported that the test recieved a great deal of scrutiny from the United States, Britian, Japan, China and the UN.

The National Security Council called an emergency meeting Tuesday morning to discuss possible measures to take on the matter.

Horsemeat scandal causes border tension

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The horsemeat scandal that began earlier this month is continuing to spread throughout Europe reported USA today.

Millions of packages of lasagna and other meats were pulled from retailer shelves because they contained horsemeat rather than beef reported CNN.

According to CNN the brand Findus has been selling horsemeat disguised as lasagna and hamburgers to retailers across Europe.

This has caused border tensions between France and Romania with France saying that Romania is part of a supply train that is disguising horsemeat as beef said USA today. Frances foreign minister is calling it "disgusting."

France is considering legal action against Romanian suppliers reported CNN. Evidence of an investigation reveals either fraud or gross negligence said CNN.

3 months ago horsemeat was found in hamburgers sold in Britain and Ireland which sparked the horsemeat scandal said CNN.

Although there have been no healthrisks reported, consumers are very unsettled said USA today. Horsemeat is considered taboo in Britain is only sold in specialty butcher shops in France reported USA today.

The EU commissioner for Agiculture is set to meet with Romania's foreign minister to discuss legal action reported USA today. Romania could face export restrictions and lose credibility said USA today.

Illinois authorities have captured convicted murderer Steven Robbins after Chicago police accidentally set him free Tuesday reported CNN.

Robbins was mistakenly released Tuesday after charges unrelated to his 2002 murder convictions were dropped and Chicago authorities let him go said CNN.

ABC news reported that Robbins was currently serving a 60 year sentence for shooting a man who interefered in a fight between Robbins and his wife.

He was supposed to be returned to Indiana after his charges were dropped reported ABC. He was caught about 60 miles away from Chicago in Kankakee, IL.

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