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Blog Prompt #1

In the film "Rivers and Tides", Andy Goldsworthy explores the idea of altering the makeup of his personal environment. Through his artwork, Goldsworthy both directly, and indirectly makes a mark on his surroundings. I thought it was especially interesting that as an artist, Goldsworthy was not concerned about public notoriety, as most of his work was unseen by anyone besides himself. For example, the piece where he constructed the stack of stones on the beach only stood for a day, to be swallowed by the incoming tides. Rather than displaying his art in a gallery, the artist created his work solely to interact with his environment, to become closer to the earth. Although it often was uncomfortable, Goldsworthy explained that he had to use his hands as his main tool, because he needed to connect with his materials, to better feel their natural energy.

Goldsworthy shows that an individual can change the flow of a landscape through design. It is up to the designer to decide if the impact they wish to make alters the landscape in a positive or negative way, that is, to reorganize the land in a way that is most natural. I think that it is only possible to move, push, pull - to alter - rather than create or destroy. Designers do not create something new to a landscape, but rather direct its use and aesthetic appeal.

Therefor, anyone can transform their personal environment and the way energy flows through it. It can be as small as rearranging a pile of accumulated salt on the sidewalk, as Goldsworthy did with the iron dust in the river. Changes can only be made in a positive or negative way, so we must make every effort to change for the former, rather than the latter.