SPSS Videos

We have created the following videos for SOC 3811 & SOC 5811 , as well for anybody interested in learning about social statistics in general.  Check out our Introductory videos below or our entire Video Library of Intermediate and Advanced Topics.

These 10-12 min tutorials cover the basic skills for using SPSS and were designed to get users started with working with real data as quickly as possible  These Quicktime videos will take a few moments to load (20 seconds or longer, so be patient) as well as require that you have Quicktime installed. 

Video 1: Intro to SPSS (Quicktime)

Video 2: Working with GSS and Frequencies

Video 3: Analyzing Mean, Median, Mode 

Video 4: Recoding Variables

Video 5: Split File & Select Cases

Video 6: One Sample T-tests

Video 7: 2-Sample T-tests

Video 8: ANOVA

Video 9: CrossTabs and Chi-Square

Video 10: Bivariate and Multivariate Regression



Purists will notice that we neglected the use of Syntax Commands (the operating writen-out commands) in favor of the point-and-click interface of the program.  The goal here is to help students get started in quick digestable steps and we have designed the videos as such.  Similar versions of these videos that include Syntax and for both SPSS and STATA can be found on the Graduate Student Tab above or in our video library page.  

The production of these videos was made possible by an Instructional Equipment Grant awarded by the Student Technology Fee Committee.  We wish to thank the College of Liberal Arts Office of Information Technology (CLA-OIT) for their continued support of this project.

Good luck and feel free to share (though linking the credits back to here would be nice).