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Fume testing begins in St. Louis Park

The Environmental Protection Agency began testing air samples Monday in more than 200 St. Louis Park homes, reported the Star Tribune.

The tests will determine whether chemical vapors from soil have entered the suburban homes. This event was prompted by ground contamination tests that confirmed the presence of solvent fumes in shallow soil samples last year.

While state pollution officials have confirmed that the drinking water supplies in St. Louis Park will not be affected by the substances, they still believe that air exposure is threatening.

“Long-term exposure [to these chemicals] could slightly increase the risk of certain adverse health effects, including sometimes cancer or effects on different organ systems such as the liver,? Jim Kelly, health risk assessor for the Minnesota Department of Health, said.

With negative test results from two St. Louis Park schools, homes and businesses for the time being seem to be in the clear. Test results will become available in a few days to property owners in the area.

If the home tests come back positive, the EPA plans to spend an estimated $1,500 to ventilate said properties.