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As I reread the Writers Reach Tentative Deal With Producers from the New York Times, I noticed there is little attribution for some of the minor editorialized comments. For example, journalist Michael Cieply wrote “A resolution would be good news for the producers.? But Cieply does attribute who thought or said this. Since this is a news article, editorialism should not be present without proper attribution.

However, Cieply does have a few sources in which he uses both indirect and direct quotations in his attributions. Patric M. Verrone, president of the West Coast guild, Michael Winship, his East Coast counterpart, Terry George, a negotiating committee member, and writer Carmen Culver are just a few of the authoritative sources used. E-mail messages and a memorandum were used, as well. The actual proposition was referred to several times as well but the information was never directly attributed to it; the reader infers that the information came from it.

The attributions are fairly effective since they are scattered throughout the article. However, the first attribution is seen until the sixth paragraph.