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Blu-ray wins over HD DVD

Toshiba will no longer produce or market high-definition HD DVD players, reported the Star Tribune.

By making this decision, made by Toshiba Corp. President Atsutoshi Nishida, it means the latest battle between video formats has ended and Blu-ray disc player technology has come out victorious.

The reason Toshiba decided to end the format battle, which had only lasted a few years, was because Hollywood failed to back high-definition HD DVD technology. Warner Bros. Entertainment made the decision last month to release movie discs only in the Blu-ray format. Several other companies soon followed suit including Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Co.

“That had tremendous impact,? Nishida said. “If we had continued, that would have created problems for consumers, and we simply had no chance to win.?

With the introduction of Blu-ray technology, consumers will have to buy new disc players because older DVD players are incompatible with Blu-ray discs. This means retailers will be stocking more Blu-ray disc players and fewer HD DVD players.

Stores such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp. and Blockbuster Inc. have also decided to sell only Blu-ray DVDs thereby dealing a final blow the Toshiba format.