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Castro’s brother named next president

Raul Castro was named Cuba’s new president Sunday, reported the New York Times.

While the announcement of Castro’s presidency officially ended his brother Fidel’s 49-year reign, it washed away hopes of a new, younger, different government that might have taken power.

Castro made it clear that no radical changes would occur during his presidency and said he would consult with Fidel on every “important? decision. He also said the time had not come to pass the baton to a new generation of leaders.

Even though Fidel remains the head of the Communist party and will still be very present in the new Cuban administration, Raul Castro’s presidency marked the first time since 1959 that the government has been in the hands of a new leader.

Even though the National Assembly said the power of Cuba’s old guard will continue, Castro hinted at a few changes he would like to make. Two proposals include putting more power in the hands of provincial governments and reforming the bureaucracy in Havana.