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I spy

The federal government may be spying on you.

On Tuesday, the White House was given a major victory when the Senate voted to broaden the government’s surveillance powers, reported the New York Times.

The bill was passed by the Senate after phone companies which cooperated in the warrantless surveillance program were given legal protection.

A proxy vote on the wireless tapping issue and other wartime authority issues was the result of the Senate debate. Essentially, the debate foreshadowed the issue of national security that will be a major topic throughout this election year.

The issue, according to Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, won the day in the Senate.

“Unfortunately, those who are advocating this notion that you have to give up liberties to be more secure are apparently prevailing,? Mr. Dodd said. “They’re convincing people that we’re at risk either politically, or at risk as a nation.?

Along with wiretapping, the bill would allow the National Security Agency to use broad orders, without acquiring court orders beforehand, to spy on groups overseas.