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The end is near

The end of the writers’ strike may be in sight, reported the New York Times.

The strike, which has lasted three months thus far, might be over by Monday morning depending on if the governing boards of the two writers’ guilds approve the tentative three-year deal. The guilds were to have met by Sunday to discuss the proposition.

The end of the strike, according to the New York Times, would be good for both TV and movie producers as well as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which was planning the Oscars on Feb. 24 without writers or stars.

The writers’ strike was, in large part, due to the issue of compensation for work shown on the Internet and other new-media devices.

While many of the demands were edited or dropped, the negotiation resulted in the writers possibly having precise amounts of payments for the increasing digital distribution of shows during the next three years. This means that each time work is streamed on the Internet the writers, directors, actors and others will be paid a fixed quantity amounting to about $1,300.

Also, in the third and final year of their contract, the writers will receive payments of up to two percent of the distributor’s revenue.

According to Patric M. Verrone, president of the West Coast guild, his guild had achieved two of its three objectives by securing the Internet and new media deal.