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2nd Minnesota child dies of flu

Another Minnesota child has died because of the flu, the second this winter, reported the Star Tribune.

Officials from the Minnesota Department of Health said the 5-year-old child had received a flu shot after she was already ill.

The first child, Jasmine Levy, 12, died from flu complications earlier this month. She had not received that vaccination because she did not have health insurance, said a relative who wished to be unnamed.

Kristen Ehresmann, head of immunizations for the Health Department, said the deaths of the two girls do “not necessarily indicate that children are at higher risk this year for developing potentially fatal complication from influenza.�

Flu related deaths among children and adults are usually related to underlying health problems and/or a secondary infection, as was the case for Levy. She had asthma and developed a staph infection. The 5-year-old, however, had no underlying condition or secondary infection, Ehresmann said.

Although it is rare, people can die from the virus, Ehresmann said. Last year six children in Minnesota died from the flu.