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Bill to allow Sunday liquor sales

A bill introduced last month by Re. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, seeks to legalize Sunday liquor sales, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Currently, Minnesota is one of 15 states that prohibit selling liquor on Sunday, according to the Alcohol Policy Information System.

According to Kahn, the bill is about “getting the government out of controlling things that get done on Sunday.?

While some students favor the bill, Kahn said some liquor store owners believe being open on Sundays would not greatly increase their sales.

Steve Wilk, general manager of Surdyk’s, said Sundays would not pay off.
“We wouldn't get that much traffic and it would probably be one of the slowest days of our week,? he said. He continued to say that the long-term benefits would not be seen.

The bill will not be passed this session due to budget priorities.