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Job losses cause new aid package

Government officials reported Friday that tens of thousands of jobs have been lost for the third month in a row which caused top Democrats to call for new measures to help American workers, reported the New York Times.

The report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that 80,000 jobs had been eliminated in March. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said she would propose another economic stimulus package. This package would supplement the $150 billion in tax rebates which will be mailed to many Americans beginning next month.

Jobs and unemployment is a primary issue in the presidential election and candidates are already divided over ways to generate jobs and help the unemployed.

Both Democratic candidates, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, support the additional stimulus package. Republican candidate John McCain opposes the package and said that lower taxes and less regulation would generate jobs.

This year’s job losses are about equal to those that were lost in the last recession, in 2001. Acknowledging the waning employment rate, Federal Reserve chairman Ben S. Bernanke said Wednesday that “a recession is possible.?