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Party expectations

An e-mail sent to some 7th District GOP delegates said that they should not expect to play much of a role at the Republican National Convention later this year, reported MinnPost.com.

It is the belief of some Ron Paul delegates that the e-mail was most likely directed at them.

“According to the Seventh Congressional District, national delegates are meaningless,� Minnesota state coordinator for Ron Paul Marianne Stebbins said. “They're trying to talk our people out of running.�

Delegates are expected to contribute to the national party and campaign. Not only do they have to pay a registration fee and be responsible for their own hotel bills, but it is assumed that they will contribute a minimum of $1,000 to the party.

Potential delegates were also informed that their main objective is to “contribute to the ‘TV image’ of the Party by being present, applauding and cheering at the ‘right’ places, etc.�