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The races continues in Pennsylvania

As the Pennsylvania primary draws nearer, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton have crossed the state to deliver their closing arguments, reported the New York Times.

Obama campaigned by train across the southeastern part of the state and waved to citizens who lined the tracks.
“Now it is our turn, Pennsylvania,? Obama said, speaking at his first stop in the Philadelphia suburb of Wynnewood. “This is a defining moment in our history. All of you are here because you can feel it.?
Clinton, on the other hand, drove and flew to her five event locations. According to the New York Times, a tone of urgency rang in Clinton’s voice. She delivered her speech as a faster speed, as if she was getting ready to travel to her next assembly.

While a bit stressed for time, Clinton pushed Pennsylvania voters.
“We have got to realize that our future really depends on who the next president is,? she said. “This is not a throw-away election. This is one of the most important elections we’ve ever faced.?
Only 10 primaries remain for the Democratic nomination. This makes Pennsylvania’s a critically important one.