More Firms Move to In-House Research

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Throughout this class, we have learned how to generate our own research and understand other's. We also looked at research companies that brands and companies hire to complete their research. For me, I had a difficult time understanding the importance of learning proper questionnaire design, exploring various survey options, and research regulations and guidelines because I assumed that wherever I work, we would most likely do our research out of house as well.

But a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, suggests that we might see a rise in in-house research.

While the article doesn't go into the advantages and disadvantages of conducting research in-house versus hiring out, there are definitely differences between the two. In favor of in-house, research would most likely be cheaper but unless the company spends money on new technology, they might not produce or receive the data they could get from a secondary source.

Either way, this article should serve as a reminder that understanding research is a skill that employers may be looking for when hiring new employees and it's important that people know more than the basics.

This would definitely have been an interesting topic to cover in class, I hope you consider sharing with students the possibility of them conducting research at future jobs that don't necessarily have research in the job description...yet.

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