Survey Review: Simplifying Surveys

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As I was completing a classmate's survey last night, I found it extremely difficult to answer the questions she was asking. I went back over the questions and expected to notice some leading or loaded questions but found none. But then I realized, while the survey wasn't wrong, it was poorly designed.

The survey was comprised of completely open ended questions but wouldn't accept a blank answer. For at least two of the questions, I would have responded no but because I had to submit an answer, I did. Because of this inconvenience, I wouldn't be surprised if other participants did this as well. Additionally, most of the questions asked us to list circumstances or groups of people but it would help her data as well as her participants if she listed specific outcomes in a multiple choice format and then also had a "other" (with the option to list the other circumstance) and a "NA".

If she would have done this, I have no doubt that she would have a more organized data set as well as better, concrete answers from participants.

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