YouTube Changes Video Ranking Algorithm

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Last week, YouTube announced on their blog that they have "started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching." What does this mean exactly?

Previously, YouTube's "Most Popular" and "Recommended" videos were based off of the numbers of views or clicks a video receives. But over this past year, YouTube has switched its focus to ensure that the videos they suggest are representative of what videos people actually watch and enjoy rather than those that are simply clicked on but not necessarily viewed.

Not only will this new algorithm provide YouTube users with the actual, Most Popular videos, but this new ranking system gives content creators and companies a more accurate depiction of the most popular videos. After all, now it takes more than a catchy video title and display image to become one of YouTube's Most Popular video.
YouTube has also added "Time Watched" to its YouTube Analytics so people can now view their video's "Estimated minutes watched."

This addition will be extremely helpful for users to understand their own videos popularity as well as in assessing other videos that are deemed "Most Popular." For companies generating viral videos, this research will allow them to assess videos of their own as well as videos of their competitors. Therefore allowing marketers to grasp what aspects of videos are well received by target audiences.

If you haven't checked out YouTube Analytics I would encourage you to do so! Here's a video to get you started.

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