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Art Responses

One of the pieces I picked was the labor Camp A audio switch board. I liked it because it worked by plugging in the cable into any of the slots and the songs, that are labeled on a brochure, would play in a loop. If I enjoyed one more than others, I was able to listen to it in loop for as long as I wanted. I feel as though the brochure is necassary for understanding the piece because of the information that ties together the audio. Another piece that interested me was something labeled Guangdong 1991. It portrays a middle aged woman stressed out while at work. Her face is the focus of the picture and the 'rocus' around her had become blurry and tiresome. Her arm is propped up on some surface and her hand is stretched across her eyes. Its depressing to look at for too long because all you can see is her pain and stress, and nothing else. The caption states how cheap products drive the Chinese economy and the chinese workers are forced towards manufactoring jobs. My final piece was Jianyxi 1998 by Zhang Xinmin. There are a group of Chinese workers who were obviously waiting at a train stop and their low standard of living can be seen by the way their tearing apart at eachother to climb into a train window. The caption talks about how people travel great lengths to find and hopefully keep a job. However, the unemployment rate is very high in China. The large group of workers fighting to climb into the tiny train window is a way of showing how only one of them may actually become employed in the months to come, while the rest of them will have to linger behind and wait to fight for another train to board.


Interesting views!