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How To Make Bad Popular Rock Music

For my instructional video project, I wanted to do something fun that I could implement humor into. My friends and I always talk about "bad popular rock music" and what goes into it, and also make up funny songs some times, so I figured the video I was doing for class could use those ideas and just push them further. The first thing I did was make a "bad popular rock"-like song with my friend, starting from scratch. We came up with ideas first, and then he played and put together all of the parts, before recording them onto his computer. Then I wrote lyrics, and recorded those. Then we came up with ideas for a humorous video that would accompany the song. After all of this, I put together the "process" of how you would come to make a song such as this, and filmed excerpts of some of those steps. Once I had this, I filmed myself giving specific instructions and explanations for making "bad popular rock music" and inserted some pictures and what have you into that footage. Finally, once I edited this all together, and had an explanation at the front of the video of how a lot of mainstream rock music sort of got to the point where it is now that I was making fun of, the whole thing pretty much came together pretty nicely. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, and I am very happy with what I have completed in the form of my final product.


This video was a successful instruction on how to make bad popular rock music. I really think that the 3 parts as discussed in class were effective sequence to display the message you were giving us. Like I commented in class earlier, I think that if we hadn't seen the music video earlier, we would have come without expectations and that would have made the way the instruction transitioned into the music video (and the fact that the instruction abrubtly ended here) more intentional. After thinking about it, I believe that the way you created it was as a fitting example of the subject.

This was probably my favorite video out of the ones we've watched so far because it's hilarious and given the criteria for the assignment, I think you did a great job. You couldn't have made the music video/song any more perfect. It sounds just like something you'd hear on the radio. I think also given the guidelines, the three parts were very well produced. If you were allowed more time, I would expect more of an intro and more examples of other bands in the genre. Nevertheless, you did an excellent job.

This video is just amazing. haha I really enjoy watching it every time and have shown some of my friends it. The instructor part is a perfect length for the intensity of that part and the opening is nice and informative leaving you to believe it's going to be a more serious show, quite humorous. Then the music video just tops it all off. The only suggestion I have comes from the one made in class; an ending of you in front of the camera again leaving your audience with a message like, "okay, now you're ready to make bad popular rock music. rock on" something to that effect would just top everything off beautifully. This video is great, thanks for making it so well!

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