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Studying at Starbucks

I choose to do my project at Starbucks because I like to go there to do there sometimes and have a blended coffee while I study. I usually think of it as a nice and quiet place, but I was surprised at how much I normally tone out. I wanted to make this a linear experience but I found it really hard. While I was recording I notice that there was music playing in Starbucks, but I didn’t give it much thought until I got to the editing part. A lot of the sounds I wanted to use had different background music to it. I had to use different tracks for some of the sounds, and used a separate track for the background song I choose. I used panning on some of the sounds, echo, reverse, amplify other sounds I wanted to emphasis, fade in and out and I normalize everything at the end. This project was harder and took a lot longer than I thought it would.


I really felt like I was in a coffee shop. There really isn’t a white noise to the project. There are back ground voices the music and working noises. It simply worked to show this controlled environment. It really contrasted with the parts were you were outside.

Your transitions were all smooth and you used effects that added to the content but did not take away from your concept. The piece is a good audio description of the space and it successfully revealed your idea.

The transition from outside the coffee shop to that of inside was done very well and affectivly; that is, the sounds of the street i.e. traffic compaired to that of the rythmic hum of the coffe shop really made me appreciate the relaxing interior of Starbucks- although as your project shows, the background noise is fairly strong and goes to show how much we do filter out of our daily listening. The aggressive sound of passing traffic was what off set the coffee shop, and perhaps allowed me to think of Starbucks as a more relaxing area

I really enjoyed listening to your piece. It was very relaxing and felt pretty serene as a coffee shop often makes one feel. I liked the way that people's conversations could be heard in bits and pieces like we hear everyday but most of the time ignore. When looking at ways to improve, may I suggest focusing in on more specific noises in order to make the piece a little longer. Otherwise, you did a great job.

I thought the transtions from the outside to inside the starbucks was a great way to start and finish this piece. I really felt that I was in a starbuck and like you I was quite surprised with how much sound there actually is. All of your sound is of very good quality and overall a very good piece.