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Project 2

I think for this project I am going to do an instructional film on creating your own 'noise' band. Although the premise of the project will rely on the trope of the "how to" video, it will be conducted in a way that is both informative and radical. My plan is to first present a bit of biography as to the history of 'noise' culture (some of which we have already gone over in class). Then I will talk to a small degree about postmodernism and the changing gap between high and low art. My main goal here is to show that essentially anything can be music and to point to some practitioners of this concept. The film will contain the Dada duality of dead seriousness and absurd mockery both of 'mainstream' music and 'noise' music. I will then explain a bit further types of tools one may need to create 'noise,' and end with the grand "...and now you can do it too." In a sense then the film will also have links to instruction manuals we have discussed in class such as that of Yoko Ono's.