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Questioning Agency

This stretch of Franklin Avenue is one that I frequent quite a lot. For me it is the connecting strip between two worlds. However, what I have found in the times that I have traveled through this area is that the places in-between are far more interesting then one might expect. In ways this stretch of street tells a narrative on its own just by being, and when heard in succession the individual stories grow to create an incongruous mix of many backgrounds and themes. These are things at first I did not recognize, but bicycling has a funny way of forcing you to open up and be a part of the surrounding scene.
I organized these sounds into a narrative, taking bits and pieces from my travels and mixing theme to form some semblance of a journey, complete with stops at different areas. This technique mimics the path I would normally follow complete with all the usual and unusual noises heard along the way. This process was a lot like piecing a puzzle together, mostly just picking and choosing a few seconds here and there and blending the sounds. I used mostly fading and amplifying techniques to make it seem realistic and as well to emphasize the significant noises. The process of sound mapping and sound editing is unfamiliar territory for me. I think on a technical level I may not be very skilled and that was a challenge, this process, however, of opening up to knew ways of experiencing the world was very enjoyable and enlightening.


I liked this piece being that is a very familiar situation for me since I bike to my classes and work. When I was listening to this piece it made me realize how many sounds there are that you hear while biking but you tend to ignore them since you are just trying to get to where you need to be. In your piece there was a lot of traffic noises which I expected there would be but at times they seemed to be overwhelming which caused them to drown out other sounds that were there. One thing that I can take away from this piece is that there are a lot more sounds than what I actually pay attention to when I am out biking.

This piece is very unique because it goes away from the nature that a lot of people have been recording and records more traffic noises and what it's like to bike on this specific route. I really enjoyed listening to your piece because sometimes we don't realize the beauty in the noise that traffic creates. You really captured the whooshing of cars as they pass you and the little sounds that we usually tune out. Good job on your piece.

I like this piece because you did a good job of making it all flow together well in your editing, and you recorded the bits nicely. There's many nuances in the piece that really add to it, like the sounds of vehicles passing, people talking in the distance, car radios, and even the sound of your bicycle riding all bring the piece to life. Good job.

This piece did a great job of tying together a mixture of sounds that you would hear on your usual route. The thing that makes this piece work as well as it did was how well you mixed the sound clips together, to create a steady sound. I also found this interesting because I am a biker, and I tend to only concentrate on the traffic rather than what is going on around me, which you reminded me of with your piece.

I think you did a great job portraying Franklin Ave. as the high traffic area that it is. It had a narritive feel to it because you could hear your bike most of the time, unless a loud car or bus was driving by. I like how you made Franklin Ave. seem unthreatening. Most suburban opinions of Franklin Ave. are that it is a very dangerous area. Of course this is closer to a true statement when the sun is down, but it was definitely a nice change of pace then what some people think of Franklin Ave. This project captured the city scene pretty well. I know you didn't use alot effects but I don't think it really needed that many. Good job overall.