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Twilight Cemetery

Use headphones!

For my sound project, I started by recording a short musical piece at home and altered it using audacity. I listened to the altered musical piece and it reminded me very much of back when I was a kid when I used to have sleepovers at my aunt's house, and my aunt and I would stay up late watching old episodes of the T.V. show "The Twilight Zone". So I decided to construct my project around this short music piece, and make my project sort of "Twilight-Zone-esque". The location I chose for the recording was the Hillside Cemetery on Stinson blvd., because it matched to theme of my project and the tone of the music. I basically just walked through the paths in the cemetery to hear what sounds I could find. I would hear sounds like a few wind chimes that I found hanging from a tree, geese honking, crickets and other bugs chirping, and the wind blowing. For effects, I used a lot of spatialization, a lot of fading in and out, altering the speed, and the "wah wah" effect for the music. Overall the process of putting the audacity project together came pretty naturally, because all components of the "story" it tells made sense to me.


The music fit in very eerily with the image that you portrayed of a graveyard. I can’t tell if you meant the repetitive sound to be a shovel or walking? The solo of music at the end would be more effective if you crescendo it in a bit but a great project.

Your piece really got the feeling you were trying to convey across. It was sort of creepy and strange, just like a graveyard really is. I liked how you would focus in on each noise individually, bringing each noise to focus one at a time. For example, I would be able to hear the crickets really well, then they would die away and the bell would chime, and it went on like this the whole way through. The background music also fit into the graveyard theme very well. At the end, there is just a static sound, like white noise or something that I would have cut out, but that is the only change I would make. I thought it was a great project.

I think that your piece works, and is very well thought out and executed. As a person who used to watch "The Twilight Zone" a lot, it really felt like I was watching shorter audio version of an episode. It was unexpected how many different sounds you were able to capture at night in a deserted cemetary. My favorite idea you used in the piece was the panning of different sounds. It made me feel like I was in an episode and should react/check to my left or right to see what was there. I also agree with the above entry though, that I wouldn't have included the static sound at the end. It for some reason doesnt fit in with the flowing aspect of the piece.

I really liked the repetitive digging sound throughout the piece giving it motion. Also the natural bird and cricket sounds in the background were well recorded and gave it a real live feel. The music was tastefully incorporated and helped portray a creepy cemetery at night. Overall I thought it was well done.

Creepy- in an artistic and cool way. it sounds like shoveling in a cemetery. the wind blowing and a sound track/score does make me think of the Twilight Zone. At the end using the white noise was awsome! Totally T.V.

This piece was so unique! I thought it all flowed together really nicely. The wah wah effect was very nessisary I thought. I liked that it had an eerie effect. The clock was an awesome touch, as were the cricket noises. I like that you incorporated a musical project of your own into this sound piece. I enjoyed listening to Twilight Cemetary.