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November 28, 2007

Project 3/4 proposal

For project 4 I'm doing at continuation of project 3. I chose to do this because of the time and demand that I found with the animation I had begun for project 3. I started the process out by creating a song on garage band that I thought would animate well. I then listened to the song many times to see what emotions I felt or what pictures came to mind while hearing the music. I started by using the pen tablet as my way of doing my drawings but had troubles with it since I'd never really used it before, nor had I really used photoshop so I was just quite overwhelmed. That's when I decided to use the tools in photoshop and get used to those so I created the 'bumping' radio. After getting acquainted with photoshop I continued with the visions I had earlier with the video and created the rain drops using the pen tablet. When I added those into final cut that's when it really struck me that this animation process of using the music to create a video was going to take a lot more editing with the pictures than the actual drawing of them. For the continuation of this piece I'm going to try using a 'green screen' technique by creating pictures without a background and then using other pictures to create an animated background for the picture. I'm not sure of how to do this and will need help but that'll be one of my goals for the final piece. I'm seeing a length of around 2 minutes for this completed piece but that means I'll have to add on to my song so it all depends on how long I make the song in the end. For the visual aspects I'd like to keep the images I use very natural and possibly all involving a 'm' shape like the wave and the shape created by the rain drops falling into the water. If I don't keep that shape constant though I will go with a continuing feel for each of the images so that they lead into each other (like by dropping the wave down so the drops start by falling onto it- a suggestion made by someone in class). This is going to be a very time demanding project but one that'll be very rewarding in the end.

project 4 proposal

For project 4, I want to make another stop motion animation. For materials, I have a light box, color correction light filters, and sand. I think sand will be an excellent medium for a stop animation video, because it can be moved around and so easily, and also sand art on a light box has a very unique aesthetic. The plot will revolve around the the life of a tree. Throughout the animation the tree will grow, wither, be destroyed, and re-grow several times in different ways. I want to show how the tree changes throughout its life, and no matter what happens to it, it always grows back eventually.

November 27, 2007

Project 3 Reflection

Overall I am pleased with my stop-motion video project. I accomplished all of the goals I had set and am pretty happy with the final product. I like how it all came together and I enjoyed the stop-motion aspect of this project a lot more than our other projects so far. That is why for the last project I am going to continue with another stop-motion movie. Before I started this project I was unaware of how much work and time that it actually takes to make a two-minute video clip out of just pictures, but now that I know I would have definitely given myself more time to capture all the pictures needed. Stop-motion involves a lot more thought and time than I initially thought it would.

Final Project Proposal

I wanted to do my final project on video games and see how people interact with games. Video games has advance so much in the last few years. I remember playing games like Sonic or Donkey Kong with one flat background and the characters keep moving to the right. Games now appear more three dimensional and the graphics are much better. It seems like a lot of popular vidoe games today involves the players interacting with the games. For example games like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Guitar Hero, and the new system Wii requires physical participation in order to play the game. I want to use the green scene to make it seem like the person is no longer just playing the games, but the player is now in it and has become a part of the game.

November 26, 2007

C.M.J.'s Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I am thinking of doing something that examines people as they grow up, and stereotypical trends that they can fall into, all treated sardonically and satirically. I will employ narration to help explain the different scenarios and what is going on, pictures of pop culture being discussed, and acted out scenes to depict the youth and their experiences. There will be an overarching theme to the whole thing, poking fun at convention and the perils of adhering to a life based around rites of passage and the status quo of conformed society. It will documentary-style in nature, or rather, mockumentary, while still making observations about life that can ring all too true.

Project 4 Proposal

I want to incorporate all the techniques that I’ve learned so far during the semester and end up with my best work that I’ve had yet. I want to revisit the video project for my final work. My goal is to end up with final video of five minutes plus. This may be longer depending on how filming goes. The video is going to be in the form of a documentary or mockumentary formula. I want it to have a very solid story to it. To accomplish this, I want to make sure that I have a full script written out ahead of time. This achieves a very professional video. It also makes filming a lot more efficient instead of thinking up lines at the time of shooting. The story will involve multiple people telling their interpretation of a story or event that was out of the ordinary. At the end, if it works out, I may use stop motion if I choose to incorporate the actual footage from the event. I want it to look very documentary-esque. To accomplish this, I’ll again use the digital camcorders and a tripod. I may or may not experiment with lighting depending on the availability of kits for me to rent. My work will be shown on the normal projector, similar to how we have watched the previous two projects. It could potentially make its way to YouTube depending on how I feel about the finished product. The intended audience is no one in particular but just those looking to watch a well-shot, potentially funny video project. Overall, I am excited with the idea and hope that I can execute it properly.

Visiting Artist Summary

I recently went to see William Jackson Rushing III at the Weisman Art Museum. He spoke mostly on modern Native American art as well as incorporated some of its history and interpretations on some of the art that is presently being displayed at the actual museum. W. Jackson Rushing has a PHD in art history from the University of Texas and is an accredited speaker around the nation on the subject of Native American art. Native American art has an important place in history and stems from a wide variety of geographical areas. Rushing stressed the importance of regionalism and how the specific art can be a big factor in deciding which region the piece was created in. A lot of the works he talked about came from the west coast area and even Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii.

The specific pieces ranged from baskets, bowls, paddles, weapons, tools, masks, and clothing. The pieces themselves are extremely fragile, abstract, and were very time-consuming to make. One piece in particular was very spiritual, and reflected the artist’s dreams in the very details of the piece. Rushing, in his lecture, included topics on the future of art and how it has lived on to this day. He said that Native American art is growing to this day. It has grown strong incorporating media and technology. On this note, he also mentioned that Native American art has evolved over the years through innovation and that without it, it would have become extinct by now.

As for the presentation, it was extremely boring. Although the art was interesting, Rushing was not. He wore an obvious brown toupee that did not match with his grey beard. He read his entire presentation from a sheet of paper. He rarely deviated from his rehearsed rhetoric and used big words to try to make himself sound intellectual, almost arrogant, on the subject. The lady next to me fell asleep.

Stop motion reflection

When I started off on the project I knew that it would take a lot of work to make stop motion but I didn't think that it would take as much time as it did. I found it to be a very time consuming and at times tedious process to go through to make a video but in the end when you get to see the fruits of your labors it does make it worth it. There was a real sense of fullfillment when you watch your inanimate objects brought to life on a video. Overall I had a lot of fun with this project though there were times when things got really annoying like when things would fall over or not be able to move in the ways that were invisioned when planning. Also batteries dying in the camera can be really annoying. Well I am glad that this was out third project since it was a new experience that I enjoyed on the whole and I plan to continue doing stop motion videos on my own for the fun of it.

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Quarter War

For the stop motion project I wanted to use Legos and to give them a life of their own. One thing I wanted to show in this stop motion project were three different realities. The human world, the 2D world of drawings, and a 3D world of Legos. I wanted to show that although the three realities are not the same, they co-exist together. I tried to make these connections by have different realities come together at different points. I also added a portal because I wanted to make a connection between the 2D and the 3D world, and to see what happens when a 2 dimensional drawing become a 3 dimensional object like a Lego.

Some problems that I had while doing this project was lighting and focusing the camera. The Legos and the white board both had shiny surfaces and I could light them directly without getting a glare, and I took some time before I could figure out the best way of lighting everything. It also took a long time the properly focus the objects because Legos are just so small and the close-ups requires a different focus from the far shots. Another big problem I was a trying to crease music to go with the video. I have no musical talent and I was really hard for me to make music. I also a lot of scenes and I didn’t know how to make different songs match the scenes and still make it flow nicely, so I decided on just one song.

I wanted to use the advantage of stop motion to make the Legos seem alive and to be able to move on their own, but at the same time I wanted this project look to look like a film. To make is seem more like a movie I did a lot of panning shots, different camera angles, and zoom in and out. I think overall the storyline was pretty clear, and I’m so what satisfied with the finish project. There are some things I would like to see improved but I’m sick of Legos I don’t want to continue.


Final project proposal

For the last project I plan on working with strictly sound. The sound mapping project was one of my favorites and its interesting how we can paint very vivid pictures of what we hear when we are presented with noise. I plan on making an additional insulation of sound mapping and plotting another point on our map. I have not found a specific location yet but I would like to find a location where there are many things that are not noticed in normal life that when built together paint a familiar picture. I plan on a five minute piece that will explore the diversity of the area.


For this piece I originally conceptualized having this art space come alive. The cluttered desk would begin to clean itself; during this action the tools of making art would come into conflict with the actual pieces of art. While trying to clean off the desk, the tools would attempt to discard certain drawings and paintings. It would be in this way that the drawings would become animated and attempt to fight back. The relationship between the process and the product of “making art? is what I wanted to convey. Which one is more valid? Does art belong to anyone or any thing after it is made? Does it belong to itself? Where do the artist and the consumer belong in this relationship?
I am happy with the musical score. The rhythm and beat fit nicely into the movements on screen. The tempo is fast paced which reflects the cluttered environment and the mood of “trying to clean up? a space which seems so chaotic.
All in all this piece is a very rustic and under finished introduction to this idea. I wasn’t prepared for the actual time that was needed to produce a film that reflected these notions. I consider this to be but an prologue to my final project.


http://mediamill.cla.umn.edu/mediamill/download.php?file=6110.flv&width=480&height=380&autostart=false&image=http://mediamill.cla.umn.edu/mediamill/thumb.php?id=4134%26big=true" />

project 3/4

This project is a continuation of my project 3 proposal. I am working on some different techniques to make a short animation with hand drawings. I am attempting to put a media that I am familiar with into an unfamiliar form. My hope for this project is that it will be as long as ten minutes, however due to time and technical constraints (inability to draw thousands and thousands of pictures) I will probably shorten this time duration to a more reasonable 3-5 minutes. This would play like a small episode contained in itself, it depicts a moment in a certain specific time and place. It isn’t so much a story, but it does involve a dialogue, and is presented in a narrative form that involves characters in a setting. The animation is based around a recorded conversation in which two voices talk about their experience with the bike culture surrounding Minneapolis. They talk specifically about personal experiences with biking, what feelings arise from these experiences and what that means on a larger scale. The characters are voices taken from a real conversation, a moment of real time, in which these voices by presenting their own cultural analysis within the dialogue are meant to spur and inspire the analysis of those viewing the animation. The topics of technology, self-awareness and modernity are discussed here in this fleeting moment, and in ways are a reflection of this specific time and space in which they are presented. In the animation I am representing these people (myself and a friend) as two animals; the setting is a café. This animation will be done in a sketchy style, which will be somewhat whimsical, like a children’s book illustration. Mostly the scenes consist of the two characters talking to one another, with one or both in the frame. As they talk their ideas may materialize as drifting images around them, which will flow with the conversation. This is something that I would present on screen, there are other options but as of now this seems like the best option. I am also considering some kind of public instillation, however because it has such a short running time that might not really workout. However, having this projected onto public spaces such as bus stations does seem interesting and something I might consider further. The audience for this animation is quite wide and not really defined. I have not decided on color for this project because it seems like an especially daunting task when making these drawings. What I really would like technically is to have more knowledge about how to make sure these drawings correlate to the sounds I have recorded. Knowing more about how to use Photoshop to help with some of the small details of this project would be helpful in getting the results that I am visualizing when making the drawings as well.

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I would make a new film. In this film I want to try and depict how society is becoming narrow minded and somewhat robotic. What I mean by this is society expects everyone to stay within the lines and follow a basic path (i.e. go to school, go to college, get a job.) for your life and if someone steps out of the lines they become an outcast or someone that should be avoided. Some things I want to do in the film are have most people looking the same(maybe get some cheap mask so the faces are the same too) and depict the news and neuropharmaceuticals as controlling techniques. Also I would like to have the people that look the same force anyone that is different to conform. As I earlier stated I want to make this as a video. I do not know how long I want to make it, I guess long enough to get my point across. The video will be real time for the most part but I might mix in some stop motion. The audience for this will be the general population.


So, today I am going to present on noise artist Merzbow. If you remember from my video he is the so-called "godfather" of noise. His music is basically walls of sound and static. I tend to think about him in terms of presenting the exact opposite music as John Cage. Here is a link to his website...http://merzbow.net/.

Final Project Proposal

In my final project I want to incorporate stop motion, and also real time video footage. This project is not going to have a real story line, so there will not be the element that it is taking place in real time. I suppose this project will last somewhere around three to five minutes. This project will be much more abstract than anything else I've done thus far. I got this idea at work. Anywhere I go there seems to be a lot of different people but never a change of scenery. Being a barista, you see alot of different people at the same tables, under the same lights, dirtying the same floor, etc. What I'm thinking as of now is to film a few different scenes, one being a rotation of about three different groups of people sitting at the same table talking and drinking, basically just illustrating what a day is like for that table. Then at the end of all the clips that I decide to do, humans will be the chairs and the tables and the surroundings will change. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do the surroundings change part. Maybe there is a program that would help me on the computer or maybe I could do some green screen type things. I'm thinking that the best way to illustrate the "day in the life of the table and chairs" is to use stop motion, although I am not completely sure about that. I am really going to strive for some good lighting on this project because my lighting hasn't looked very quality in any of the projects I have done so far.
The topic of my final project allows for a creative presentation. I am not sure what I will do yet. The idea that pops into my head right away is that the video would somehow be projected onto my body. Then, my body would be acting as if it were a projector screen. My audience will definitely have to have an open mind. I don't think I want this to be comical, however it may be hard to get away from that when people are pretending to be furniture.

project 4 proposal

I am torn on which direction to go for this one. I will definitely have to make a decision earlier than I did for project 3. I am thinking either the project I originally proposed for project 3 or possibly something incorporating model building for architecture. I would probably use stop motion for much of it but may also use real time footage as well. I thought it might take too much time to go with my original plan but i thought it might be cool to use everyday materials to construct a model(s) in stop-motion.

William Kentridge- get excited.

William Kentridge, my chosen artist, is best known for his short, animated films using charcoal. His films have gained popularity through the 90's, and he is still producing animation and drawings today. As Kentridge has a political science background and is from South Africa, most of his work reflects the problems of South Africa, or self portraits of Kentridge. Themes in his politically-charged work include time, change, and social-class struggles. The attached work includes the video "Felix in Exile" which I will discuss in class. Overall his work is uniquely his own and can't be compared to a lot of other artists, which is refreshing.


Project 4 proposal

Choosing an adventure is no easy task,but since it is called an adventure I am running with that idea. For my final project I would like to do animation again, but this time I want to do solely animation, either on the computer, or painting. I want it to be set to a poem I am going to write about an imaginative idea, probably concerning skating. It will start out simple, become elaborate as the character's imagination takes off, and at the end it will be simple again. Since I will be painting and it is set to a poem, it probably won't be that long, but I am looking forward to not worrying about time constraints for this project and just concentrating on making a good video! The presentation for this project is undecided, it will most likely just be screen, although it would be interesting to put it on a website. My audience is anyone who appreciates winter, which seems to be a large group. All ages should be able to enjoy it. My video will adress the audience by playing into the mysterious quality of winter that many people enjoy.

November 25, 2007

Project 4 Proposal

My idea for the final project is one of memories. I am graduating in December and I want to do a project that commemorates my and my friends' times in college. I am planning on compiling a ton of pictures of me and my ROTC friends. Pictures from trips we've taken, ROTC events we done, and just fun pictures from all those crazy nights. I would make a point to time picture transitions with the music, which would be the most time consuming part beside compiling the photos. As far as audio I would like to just use a pre-produced song, maybe a song that our group of friends is fond of. At this point I just don't know if this will be a big enough undertaking for a final project.

Project 4 Proposal

For my final project I am planning to make a “sequel? to my last project: Stick Man. I really enjoyed making the stop-motion video a lot more than my other projects, so I want to continue with that sort of medium. I was debating whether or not to make a whole new stop-motion project or continue with the one I just made, and I chose to continue with my previous one because I feel like there is a lot more I can do with the character I have created, and I want to work with clay again. I am planning to show pieces of my old project along with all new footage. I think I will have around two minutes or so of new video, and about 30 seconds to a minute of my old project for a total of two and a half to three minutes of total video. I still don’t know if I want to create a story for my character, or have it be more abstract like my other video. My main goal is to create a video that is entertaining and captivates the audience, but also is technically sound and made with the highest quality (unlike my last one). I will need to plan out ahead of time what happens, and give myself more time to capture all the shots I will need. My video will be sort of in the form of YouTube, but with a little more thought and time put into it than an average YouTube video, although I do plan to post it on YouTube when I’m done. I believe anyone could watch and enjoy my project, but it is probably most made for a younger audience. Both single viewers and small groups would like it.

Artist Presentation Schedule

M 26, Nov : EXTRA CREDIT!!

  • Sara Kalinoski - William Kentridge
  • Daniel Atkinson - "merzbow"

W 28, Nov : EXTRA CREDIT!!

  • Brady Hill - Brothers Quay
  • Jared Nelson - ?

M 03, Dec :

  • Emily Holland - ?
  • Lauren Klaubunde - harold "hype" williams
  • Wesley Balinger - David Rokeby
  • Kevin Green - ?
  • Andrew Siegel - ?

W 05, Dec :

  • Ryan Mozetti - Takashi Murakami
  • Jennifer Huynh - Nam Jun Paik
  • Joshua Leiske - ?
  • Britta Anderson - Mathew Barney

M 10, Dec :

  • Ryan Hagness - Phil Hansen
  • Lucas Harder - Jan Svankmeyer
  • Christopher Jensen - Kraftwerk
  • Michael Otis - ?
  • Sarah Horning - Bill Seaman

November 24, 2007

Final Project 3

I was really not impressed with myself after finishing this project. I did not complete my initial idea. This was because I was unable to get a few of the supplies that I need and also, my boss was pretty upset with me when she saw what I was doing with her product. I came to the conclusion that I had no other option but to use whatever I had at home because it was the last day I had the video camera. I came to realize that stop motion is really a challenge if you're not pretty familiar with photography in general.

I personally had trouble with focusing, as you can see. I was using a Panasonic video camera that I checked out from the art department. I think I would have had a much greater advantage had I had my own digital camera available. Lighting was also a problem for me. I had (what I thought to be) very bright lights surrounding the sink I was doing the dishes in. On the camera however, it looked too dark so I brought in another, smaller, light to brighten the area beneath the cupboards. Seeing it on the computer however, makes me think that it probably would have been okay had I not used that extra light.

Overall, I could have definitely done a better job. Lack of time and ideas really got to me. I would really like to do a better quality stop motion video.

November 23, 2007

Project 4: Choose Your Own Adventure


For the last project, you will choose your own adventure. This project is an opportunity for you to creatively employ and extend any of the techniques that we have used in class to realize an idea that excites or inspires you. Thus the form and content of this project is pretty open. Some of you might take the opportunity to expand on or refine past projects, while others might go in another direction.

Technical Goals

  • Expand and enhance your current set of skills as they apply to your proposed final project.

Way-points and Due-dates

  • 26 November, 07 : 400-500 word proposal that addresses the following questions.
    • What is the nature of the project? Are you going in a new direction or are you extending a past project?
    • "DURATION": How will this project take place in time? How long will it be? Or, will it be in the form of an ongoing installation?
    • TOPIC: What will this piece be "about"? Will it be a story or more abstract?
    • MEDIUM: What tools and techniques will you use to make your piece?
    • PRESENTATION: How will you present your work? On a screen? Projected on a building? A website? An installation? YouTube?
    • AUDIENCE: Who is your audience? How will your work address your audience? Is it for a small group of people or a large group?
  • 5 December, 07 : Progress Check-in / "Rough Draft". I will meet with each of you individually to discuss progress give critique etc.
  • 12 December, 07 : Final projects due for group critique. Post your video (640x480 Flash) and a brief 200-300 word reflection on the blog before class.

Grading Criteria

  • General: Since you are proposing your own ideas for this project, some portion of the grading will be based on how well you achieve the goals set forth in your proposal. Of course, your proposal will be reviewed by me to make sure your goals are reasonable and manageable.
  • Technical (i.e. did you choose to do it, or did the technology choose for you?)
  • Thoughtful: Does your treatment of the subject allow you to critically engage the topic you are interested in? Demonstrate effort toward thinking about the topic in a larger cultural/critical context.
  • Effort: Effort cannot be underrated - are you pushing yourself? If you figured out the basics on day one, what do you do with the rest of your time? Are you challenging yourself to think past easy answers?
  • Participation: Participation in discussions, online comments, other people's work, etc.

November 21, 2007

Website with a very extensive list of digital artists

http://userwww.sfsu.edu/%7Einfoarts/links/wilson.artlinks2.html Lots of ideas for visiting artists.

Paper Trail

The reward of having a finished project is definitely nice when considering all of the effort put into this project. This stop motion video was incredibly difficult to make and very time-consuming. Originally the idea sounds good on paper, no pun intended, but the actual shooting is a long, drawn-out process. There were times when I'd be out in the cold for hours at a time and not a ton of pictures to show for it. Also the wind plays a huge factor. There were a few times when I had to chase down my piece of paper. A lot of duct tape was used to make sure each scene was secure. That being said, however, overall I am extremely pleased with the finished product. There are obvious flaws in the video that any beginner would encounter but I feel that the quality of the video outweighs some of the excess. The way that it comes full circle after traveling to various places makes the two-minute stop motion complete. In conclusion, another stop motion would be something that I'd be interested in trying again because of the experience I had with the first stop motion project.

An Evening with John and Jane

For my project, I wanted to show life, energy, and emotion through the use of color. I started with a completely white set, and used spray paint to add color to the setting. Through the use of color and music, I wanted to add various moods, energies, emotions, and life to an otherwise dull setting. The characters in the animation could be a married couple or are in some sort of a relationship, and the video shows what could be a typical evening in their lives.

7 Ate 9: A Musical Number

When I first started coming up with my ideas for a stop motion movie, I wanted to do something that was creative, unique, weird, and funny, and after a long time of brainstorming, I came up with a strange idea based on the old children's joke, "Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9." I then came up with the story of a land of magic numbers where the number 7 hunts down the number 9, and eats him. The number 6 becomes afraid, and he calls me to come kill the number 7. I decided I would tell the story in the form of a musical-esque song that I would write and record. I first wanted to use cardboard cutouts for the numbers, but then decided it would be easier with using a white board and markers. I recorded the song, filmed the animation, and then filmed my part in the movie. I moved in slow increments and inserted the shots into the movie in order to create stop motion for my parts, as well. I then filmed me singing the song in the same way. I put the telling of the joke at the beginning of the movie, so that people would understand the concept, and then ended it with credits and the bizarre song "Revolution 9" by The Beatles, which I thought was a fitting and weird ending to the already strange movie. In the end, I like the way the movie came together, and I feel it is something that is pretty different. It was a fun and enjoyable process, overall.

November 20, 2007

in search of...

For our third project, the stop motion video, I found it difficult to settle on a subject and story and ended up changing my ideas multiple times before settling on what became my final product. The idea for the story behind my piece sort of evolved as I began shooting frames so ultimately in the end I wound up scrapping a few hundred frames of material that didn't fit in with the story.

The idea for my video ended up coming from the work of Joseph Campbell. Campbell has written several books on the significance of mythology and stories in the way people live their lives today. The various motifs of the hero in stories throughout space and time tend to have commonalities and these bits of information "have to do with the themes that have supported human life, built civilizations, and informed religions over the millennia." I find his work and ideas fascinating and decided to do my piece based on one of the motifs of the hero which he outlines in his book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," where the hero goes through some kind of transformation, overcomes an obstacle, and ultimately finds enlightenment.

The process of making the stop-motion piece was a huge battle for me, and despite being satisfied with my results, something I will probably not attempt to tackle again any time soon. After taking a few hundred pictures and thinking I had made some substantial progress only to discover I had shot about 11 seconds of actual moving footage, I realized I had my work cut out for me. I think a project like this would be easier maybe if there were 2 or 3 people working on it at once. With the addition of some music I created and a few video filters I am happy with the outcome of my piece, but relieved that it is done.

Stop Motion Painting

The basic idea of this project is to see the painting being built from blank canvas up. To be able to see the steps that the artist takes, what layers he layed down first, how he makes the colors blend, ect. The two minutes that this video shows is in actuality about 4 days of work on the painting, or about 15-20 hours.

I got the idea for my projects after watching some "speed" painting videos on YouTube. What seemed to be a very good idea at first turned into alot of work. The process of taking the video was tedious however everyone knew that stop motion wasn't going to be a walk in the park. Overall getting the video shot was easy enough all be it long, and putting those images into Final Cut Pro was easy. The area that I really struggled with was the sound, and I am still not sure if I'm happy with it or not. The audio was created using GarageBand which I had never used before. I found it easy to pick up, but I felt like I only scrated the surface of what the actual program could do, maybe some instruction would be benifitial. Overall I enjoyed this project a ton, even with the ammount of work that was involved.

Sorry Playing Sorry

This was less fun to make than the first video. I did not have a good direction in the beginning. However, I think that the story turned out pretty well. My still shots were a little rough and if I were to do this over, I would definitely take more care in each and every shot making sure that the focus and white balance are perfect as well as closely monitor the movements of the pieces. Besides that, I think my video has pretty good rhythm. I wanted the game to seem pretty fast paced to make it seem like the experience of the characters is a common occurance, and this is just one episode showing a day where the green pieces cheated so the blue players got frusterated and took over. The song I put together in Garage Band was meant to give pace and have an illusionistic dream feeling at the same time. I think that this project is not my best, but I still enjoyed the editing process. I know that if I choose to do stop motion again for my final project I will take more care in the filming process so that my final product is more rewarding.

Stick Man

I did this third project by making a flipbook of a guy that keeps having bad things happen to him as he walks around. About halfway through my video, he comes out of his two-dimensional “paper world? and into the real three-dimensional world as a clay person. He is a lot different as a three-dimensional being, so different things happen to him that couldn’t have happened in the 2-D world.

I enjoyed this project the most out of all of them so far because I liked how it all comes together at the end after working so hard to get all of your pictures done in order, and in a way that makes sense, and it was nice to be familiar with Final Cut Pro already so I didn’t have to learn how to work a new program as well as create my project. I also liked working with a normal camera better than a video camera because that way I didn’t have to check out anything: I used all my own equipment. I finished my project by making a simple music track using GarageBand. I didn’t want the music to take away from the action that was going on in my scenes, so it is pretty much just background music.

Misty Water Color Memories

After being throughly warned that animation and stop motion would take a long time, a sense of fear and anxiety was instilled in me, causing me to do my whole animation in one long day. With the help of my camera man I simply scrapbooked, "remembering" some pictures along the way. I took a lot of video on my study abroad trip last spring, and I was able to cut up some of the video into pictures. With the "Way We Were" song in my head I decided to do some watercolor animation throughout the scrapbooking. I was pleased with the results, as I thought I would not have enough time, but it turned out to be longer than I thought. I added the end time-lapse of me "forgetting" and moving on because I think that is just how memories go. I really wanted to incorporate the song into my piece, so I played it on piano and set it over the piece. I think that while some parts match up really well, the song also helped to slow down the piece, which got a little fast in the scrapbooking sections. Overall it was a fun project, and now I have documentation of my trip! Also, I don't think animation/stop motion/time lapse is as hard as I initially thought it would be, and I am excited about trying other things out with the new skills I have learned.

On a Run

The original idea I had was to do a video in the Modest Mouse format that we watched in class. I began with taking video of my friend going for a run in different areas around campus. After editing that video I finally got it in the image form, but due to several different issues with actually getting all 1200 pictures printing I changed my idea. While I still used the video in a choppy stop motion style I didn't actually use physical photos. Instead I took stop motion pictures of a white piece of paper and overlaid the video onto my background photos. Finally, I made some music using garageband. And that brought me to the final product.

November 19, 2007

Stop Motion Proposal

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for this project. I started to think about "my art space", the little corner of a room where I make art. This desk i have is always cluttered with various unfinished projects and doodles, this can make things a little unorganized for the creation process. What if these items came alive? how would they interact with one another? How would the usefulness of an item project its personality? what kind of art would these tools make? As an artist I create every day, I try to bring to life these images that are in my head and pt them down on some medium. I'm going to tackle the notion of the "creation" becoming the "creator", and what questions arise as a result of expression and meaning as an artist becomes antiquated in this process.

November 18, 2007

Visiting Artist- Stacy Levy

Stacy Levy creates mostly public art. She works with nature and loves it, because art can change the condition of the site that she is working on, and also because she believes that since she uses landscapes, her pieces can only improve with time. She explains that displaying public art can look different based on where the viewer is standing. She addresses the fact that it's hard to do what you want without alot of money. When collaberating with nature, she thinks it is important to make prototypes in order to see how the piece works with the site. Another thing that really demonstrated her dedication was that she tries to stay at the sites that she works with for twenty-four hours to see an entire sun cycle and tries to incorporate the way shadows fall in her work. What she finds annoying is that most of the time, the people who seek her out to incorporate her work in a particular area, want just one piece stuck in a random spot. This bothers her because when her main goal is to improve the condition of a particular site, she thinks that in most cases, the piece should be throughout the entire site. A good example of one of these times, is when she was doing a piece to improve the water drainage system in a parking lot. It is near impossible to create something like that, that sits in only one place and doesn't work troughout the entire parking lot.

My personal favorite piece that Stacy Levy created is titled River Eyelash. She painted three thousand buoys and stranded them together with pink rope making forty-two strands of buoys that were four hundred by one hundred feet. This piece was displayed in Pirrsburgh, PA in Point State Park. I like this piece because what resulted was something entirely unanticipated, which was a representation of wave currants and wave action. I also really like it because I think it is fun and colorful. People can see this piece from all different angles, even from the highway. As an added reward, Levy incorporated audio to the piece, benefited by those who actually got up close to River Eyelash. Stacy Levy really helped me to further understand public art from an artist's perspective.

River Eyelash

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November 14, 2007

Visiting Artist: Michael Krueger

I went to see Michael Krueger speak the Thursday before last, in Regis. Krueger showed works ranging over a variety of mediums, including, photography, printmaking and drawing. He showed us a sort of time line of the progression of his art; most of the more recent pieces were done using printmaking techniques. In his work he showed an interest in the mixing of contradictory ideas and the recombination of past with present. For instance some of his photographic work depicted the re-animation of inanimate objects such as cups, and pieces of fruit with different facial expressions. This he described as his fascination with the blurring of the “natural? world with “our? world. In some of his drawn pieces he took images of historical figures out of context by placing them next to modern objects, creating a framework for the reconsideration of history from a contemporary perspective. Out of the work that Krueger showed some of the pieces I enjoyed the most were the recent prints he has been working on. These are influenced by his own past, in producing them he works in collaboration with his past self, as he would put it. To compose these he took images from old high school notebooks where he doodled or wrote and recombined these previous life images with new imagery that relates to this past identity. A lot of Krueger’s work deals with history, even these are used to show history through identity. I got a first hand look at some of these prints a few days before this presentation when he spoke to my printmaking class. His process of re-creating the past down to very minute details such as a tear or a fold in the paper, but also manipulating that past, is really intriguing to me. Overall I think he was producing some really beautiful, content rich images, and if nothing else he seemed like a very interesting person.

November 12, 2007

Response to Lisa Lapinsky (Sculpture)

Lisa Lapinski, a sculptor based in L.A., provided an interesting summary of her work and inspirations during her lecture last week. While difficult to understand Lapinsky’s lecture, it was interesting to view past projects and listen to Lapinsky’s explanations of her work.
The lecture as a whole seemed unprepared and scattered. Lapinsky did not give an introduction to herself or her work, but rather showed some examples of her sculptures in no particular order, interwoven between humorous but irrelevant reviews she wrote of other artists work and examples of other work she liked or was inspired by. When she did discuss her own work, she limited her comments to just saying the title of the work and showing a slide. While I don’t doubt that Lapinsky is a talented artist, I, along with many other students, walked out of the lecture with a very blurry recap of what it is Lapinsky actually produces.
Hearing about the variety of inspiration for Lapinsky was interesting. Lisa cited some of her inspirations for sculpture as being a Farmer’s Union shrine her friend’s mother made out of the friends’ artwork, paintings of women on screens in L.A., and Shaker furniture. One sculpture Lapinsky discussed in detail was titled “NightStand.? Lapinsky made the sculpture out of wood after taking a furniture making class, and she replaced Shaker motifs with the art deco symbols for each motif. This was interesting to me, and I would have liked to hear more about it.
Lapinsky also shared an idea she has for a future sculpture. She became inspired after learning more about Rambo, a symbolist poet who wanted to move to a new town, but first had to learn several trades. Lapinsky would like to make a sculpture that reflects all of these trades, such as a well-digger and a furniture maker.
Although Lapinsky’s lecture was very scattered, it is clear that she is intelligent. Lapinsky has a background in philosophy, and judging only from the elaborate titles of most of her pieces, the philosophy background often plays into her sculptures.

Project 3 proposal

For this project I'd been thinking of a couple different aspects of stop motion, such as in reality and moving giving objects life or using the white board to create an animation. I've decided to go with the white board idea since I have a song I'd like to use and I'm just going to animate the song with the white board drawings. I can do this project in the classroom or in the room next door with the huge whiteboard. As a story line goes, I would like to have it be more of shapes and lines 'dancing/moving' to the song, but if a story could be incorporated in that, it could work!

November 6, 2007

Project 3 Proposal

For the third project we have been instructed to make a stop motion type video. This will be my first time attempting something like this so until I actually start taking the pictures it will be hard to say exactly how it’s going to go. As we recorded our short stop motion exercise in class on Monday I realized that these types of videos tend to change a lot on the spot while doing the recording. I have a feeling my mind will change and I will get ideas as I go that will end up making into the final cut. With that being said I have been giving a bit of thought as to what kinds of things I want to do. Right now I think I’m going to start with a sheet of paper and have it fold itself up into an origami crane or something of the like. I will then have this crane take off, using fishing line to make it seem like its flying as I snap the pictures. I will also bend the wings up and down between the shots to give it the appearance of actually flying. I intend to try and move the camera and use zoom while the crane is flying to get different angles. I want to try and get like a ‘Matrix’ type effect where the crane stops in mid air and the camera rotates around it. I will probably have the video start out in my room and then the bird will fly around and eventually get outside. I was going to also have it land at some point and perform some kind of action like grooming or eating to see what kind of interesting motions I can get out of it. I’m interested to hear any feedback or suggestions as well on these ideas.

Michael Krueger-Visting Artist

I went to listen to Michael Krueger talk about his art on Thursday, November 1st at the Regis Center for Art. He showed all sorts of pieces he's been doing over the years, and also kind of how he has progressed as an artist. I really liked how he had saved his old high school notebooks with drawings in them he made during class and showed them to us. They were very interesting: usually about some death-metal band or just wierd, crazy demons or something like that. Aside from that he talked about how he likes to use a lot of symmetry in his drawings. He had many drawings that were some sort of desert landscape, and they were all perfectly symmetrical right down to every little rock on the ground or every ray of sun in the sky. He also had many drawings of just a person in the middle of a page, the way the were gesturing, or oriented, was also symmetrical. Mr. Krueger also talked about how he likes the idea of inanimate objects with faces, and he showed us many different cups and dishes that had faces on them. He also had a bunch of fruit figurines that had faces. He said that a lot of time in his art, he likes to think that inanimate objects like these come alive when you're not looking, and that he like the idea of things like that to be personified. Overall I enjoyed the presentation a lot. I liked how he showed many, many different pieces he made and it was a lot better than I expected it to be.

November 5, 2007

Project 3 proposal

So I did end up getting inspired from hearing everyone's ideas and actually make a short stop motion video in class. I want to animate a crumpled piece of paper. In my vision, I see myself crumpling up this piece of paper, which is either a test or else just a loose-leaf piece of paper that I write something on. It then turns into an adventure around campus and goes through various places around the U of M. In the end, I see the paper making its way back to me, with the actual appearance or writing on the paper having changed over time. I just hope that wind is not a fate-sealing factor in my project. For the sound, ideally I would like to use an actual song. I know that this is not the preferred way of incorporating sound but I feel that if I try to make my own sound, it may come off sounding cheesy and not fitting of my artistic vision. I may, however, try to make my own music on one of the online applications that are accessible.

More stopmotion

waking life-preview

Proposal 3

Very tentatively for my project I want to do something within the framework of the film 'Waking Life'. My plan then is to record some action, which will more than likely simply be me talking, and then to animate over the top of it. At this moment I would like to make my project a good deal longer than the 3ish minute requirement and so for the time being at least it might make more sense to see this project as connected with the final. Also, the length of time it would take to animate even about 3 minutes seems entirely daunting and almost absurd, so extending this project is the most logical thing. Right now I think my main theme for the work is going to be "Apathy." I want to deal with the contemporary sense of apathy as it applies to a wide range of topics including; politics, philosophy, and art. I think that my work will more or less come across as a sort of stream of consciousness piece although I want most of the dialogue written out. I want it to be lyrical in a way, mixing a vague notion of poetics around the words and phrases I am using. That is, I don't want it to come across as extraordinarily direct, I would much rather the piece facilitate many different reads and necessitate viewing the film several times before it would open itself up.

Daniel Atkinson

Project #3 Proposal

In my stop motion project I am planning to combine 2D stop motion with 3D stop motion. For this project my subject will be Lego Men. I wanted to start off with a drawing and there will be two Lego men and they will be fighting. They will come across a portal and as they cross it they come out they appear into the third dimension (real world). I want to have the surroundings buildings to be made out of Legos but the background will be black so that I can use them as puppets to create the fighting between the two Lego guys. I have an example of the style I want in the video I attached. I got my idea of combining the 2D and 3D idea from one of The Simpsons Halloween episodes where Homer comes across a portal to the real world behind the book case in their house. The way I wanted to set up my video is like the example in the Japanese ping pong video. I wanted to do it this way because I thought it was really cool how they can have people doing crazy things like something you would on T.V. by simply camouflaging most of the cast in with the black background. By using stop motion in this project I think it will make it easier to make the fighting scenes looks more realistic like in the video Tony vs. Paul. I want to create my own fighting sounds like how they were making sounds in the ping png video. Those are the ideas I have for this project so far.

Project #3 proposal

When I first thought about this project my mind drifted immediately to this animation I had recently seen, which I posted below. There is something about the style that has really inspired my thoughts and I can'r get it out of my head. What I would like to make for this assignment would be an animation using my own drawings. I have wanted to attempt this for a while now. I want it to have a very simple look to it, maybe just using colored pencils. Though I might experiment with that also. I want to use interview style recordings of friends speaking, and shape the animation around those recordings. In the end it would be a sort of compilation of my visual interpretation of each short narrative. There are a few things I still need to workout in my head, but I am thinking of incorporating the idea of dreams into this animation. Maybe toying with the idea of dreams creating this sort of subconscious cultural discourse of their own. I would like to interview people about their dreams and base the animation around the imagery that comes from them. Its sort of a rough outline, but that’s where my thoughts are headed.

Project 3 Proposal

My original idea for the stop motion project was to do something very similar to the modest mouse video where they have the pictures of the band posted around a city. I was going to use a lot of surroundings that had a fair amount of foot traffic to add to the shot. The campus and downtown were going to be my main focuses for areas. However, after thinking about the video length the amount to pictures if would take I decided this might not be the best idea considering it would take over a thousand pieces of paper to do. So, at this point I really am back to square one and not sure what to do.

project 3 proposal

For project 3, I want to examine the relationship between color, life, and emotion/mood. For my tools, I want to use two plastic dolls that can be set a into various positions, and make them come alive. For the background of the video, a drawing of a clock will be made, and the hands of the clock in the background will be turning backward and forward throughout the animation of the video, to show the passage of time. The colors of both the background and the dolls in the foreground will be changed throughout the animation, to show the relationship between color and life. The dolls are a pale gray color right now, and I want to use spray paint to have them changing colors throughout the animation. I also want the background to start off in the animation as very pale, gray, and lifeless, and have it change to all kinds of different colors throughout the animation. The changing of colors intends to give the impression of various changing moods and tones. My inspiration/muse for a lot of the things I do is music. Because of this, there are 3 songs/music videos in particular that I would to loosely base my project on:

Project 3 Proposal

For the stop motion project I was planning on doing a stop motion painting or drawing. I love art, and in recent years my love for art has turned towards painting and drawing and it’s for that reason that I want to make this video. Honestly I have no idea how I’m going to do it. All of the idea I have had would require a ton of time that I probably will not have. I have a few options, I can either paint some and use a digital camera to take snapshots as I paint, or I can use a video camera and then cut it in to pieces later (this might be easier but for anyone who knows oil paints, painting one painting in a single day is a pain). The logistics still have to be figured out. I am really struggling with the sound on this project to, because I know we were told to make it ourselves but I just feel some calm music (see my last video) would be more appropriate.

As for inspiration, while it’s not stop motion video, the “speed? paintings done by Nico Di Mattia have been a great help. While these videos are not stop motion they really show you the process of the painting. All of his paintings are done in Photoshop, and he records while he is painting and then speeds it up later. This is the kind of idea I want to achieve. Show how the painting was made over the course of time, but of course mine will be stop motion while his is just sped up. The links are in the “Continue Reading? section and I suggest everyone watches them because they are quite amazing. The last video is another that I found on YouTube that is close to what I want to achieve visually. Hope you enjoy!

Non-Speed Painting Video

C.M.J.'s Stop Motion Project Proposal

Okay, so my idea is a little weird, and I came up with it after laying in my bed brainstorming for a while about ideas that could be funny, visually interesting, and a little weird and clever all at the same time. What I have come up with is making a pseudo-musical piece, of an original mostly acapella song that I will use to narrate the short movie. The premise will be based off of the following joke:

"Why is 6 afraid of 7?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Because 7 ate 9."

The musical/video will tell the tale of the number 7 hunting down and eating the number 9, striking fear in the number 6, who will in turn call me (playing a hitman of some some kind), who will gun down the number 7 to avenge number 9 and seek justice for number 7's crime. I will also play the narrator/singer of the acapella song.

The action on the screen will follow the story of the song, and there will also be cuts to me, the narrator/singer, throughout. This will all, of course, be done in stop motion. I have already thought of some ways to film the singing parts, such as filming different expressions on different beats of the song's measures, that will show me in frozen moments of singing, and also have ideas for the chasing around scenes of the various numbers, as well as my involvement in the course of the story. I will probably create the numbers out of paper and cardboard, and will be utilizing photoshop to remove my hand from stills when it will be present. I still have to storyboard things out and write all the details of the song, but the basic ideas are in my head. But, yes, this is my proposal.

November 4, 2007

Project 3 proposal

When it was first said that we were going to do a stop motion video for the next project I immediatly started thinking of what I would like to use for it. In the end I decided that I want to use a basic human figurine. What I want to do in the video is to make it like it is a dream. I have been thinking I want to start off by having someone lying down to sleep in normal video and then jump into using the figurine and then maybe even end it with the person waking up and moving around in stop motion. I have been tossing around multiple ideas for locations for the dream part of the film. From outdoors to trying to make small sets at my place for it. For the sounds in the film I plan to make and maybe alter sounds that I can record from anything that I have lying around my place.

project 3 proposal

For the third project, I want to animate a stop-motion video with a chalk board. I want to tell a story that is completely serious and evokes totally opposite emotions than the s’more video. The plan is to record an audio track of a girl playing piano and a guy playing guitar. The story is going to move back and forth to the two characters through tears. The twist is that the story is all told backwards making the viewer trying to relate the consequence (crying) to the cause. I’ve thrown around some ideas for the cause that will end my movie but have not come up with a definite decision as of yet. These ideas are inspired through some of the videos we saw in class like the man drawing on the walls and the reverse music video. I really want my video to be surprising and powerful.

Project 3 propsal

For my stop motion project I think I want to use pearls and jellies somehow. I work at a bubble tea shop and pearls and jellies are what we call “bubbles,? pearls are the round black balls of tapioca and jellies are colorful fruity pieces. The idea of them coming alive is very fun. They’re colorful, sticky, cut-able, etc. so I think that they would be a good material to work with. There are a number of things I could do with these inanimate objects. The jellies could be in a fight with the pearls, jellies could be afraid of the pearls, there could be some sort of dance routine, etc. I’m not set on the idea, obviously, but I do think they’re going to be a good material to work with. I would probably shoot the video at my work, The Tea Garden, because it is there that I have unlimited access to jellies and pearls (unless my boss comes in and thinks it’s a “waste of money?) This video inspires me because it is very colorful and it uses a lot of random materials:

Project 3 perposal

For the animation project I plan to personify an object that we tend to loose a lot, your keys. The shot will open with me getting home and set my keys on the counter where they will come to life and hide. Animating an inanimate object such as keys has always captivated me in how it makes our every day lives seem so like there is so much more behind it. The keys would scatter throughout the apartment and avoid me in many ways till I they finally find their way into my pocket and I leave the apartment.

Project 3 perposal

For the animation project I plan to personify an object that we tend to loose a lot, your keys. The shot will open with me getting home and set my keys on the counter where they will come to life and hide. Animating an inanimate object such as keys has always captivated me in how it makes our every day lives seem so like there is so much more behind it. The keys would scatter throughout the apartment and avoid me in many ways till I they finally find their way into my pocket and I leave the apartment.

November 2, 2007

Project 3 Proposal

When the project of stop motion was first introduced, I decided right away it would be interesting to do a project on my Grandma’s Alzheimer’s disease…it just seemed like it could go with stop motion in an interesting way. Now, considering all the deadlines are before Thanksgiving break, I will not be able to do that but I may want to do something with it for my final video. Instead I thought it could be interesting something with a scrapbook because I really liked the stop-motion of pictures moving….such as in the “Stop the Boar? video, and others shown in class. It will most likely be pictures coming to life as I look at them and “remember? them. I think it could be interesting because I took a lot of great video footage in Europe last spring. I haven’t decided on what I will do for sound quite yet. I am also interesting in possibly doing some time-lapse with nature because I like it, and I think it could help tie in the Alzheimer’s idea if I decide to do that.

Stop Motion Project Proposal

When the project of stop motion was first introduced, I decided right away it would be interesting to do a project on my Grandma’s Alzheimer’s disease…it just seemed like it could go with stop motion in an interesting way. Now, considering all the deadlines are before Thanksgiving break, I will not be able to do that but I may want to do something with it for my final video. Instead I thought it could be interesting something with a scrapbook because I really liked the stop-motion of pictures moving….such as in the “Stop the Boar? video, and others shown in class. It will most likely be pictures coming to life as I look at them and “remember? them. I think it could be interesting because I took a lot of great video footage in Europe last spring. I haven’t decided on what I will do for sound quite yet. I am also interesting in possibly doing some time-lapse with nature because I like it, and I think it could help tie in the Alzheimer’s idea if I decide to do that.

Time-Lapse nature

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Project 3

For my third project, I am planning to do a stop motion video. I think I want to make a flipbook of a skateboarder or something like that rolling around and doing tricks. I will video tape me going through the flipbook, then at the end of the book, it will transform into real life and I will do a stop motion video of a clay skateboarder going through the exact same motions. I want it to kind of evolve from the flipbook to real life. I want to incorporate the flipbook into this video because I have always enjoyed them and seeing the different things people can do with them, and I think it would work really well in this stop-motion project. I think I am going to film and take pictures of everything pretty close up so the only thing the viewer focuses on is the skateboarder instead of the background. I am going to draw the flipbook, then do the real-life pictures of a clay figurine of the skateboarder.