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Misty Water Color Memories

After being throughly warned that animation and stop motion would take a long time, a sense of fear and anxiety was instilled in me, causing me to do my whole animation in one long day. With the help of my camera man I simply scrapbooked, "remembering" some pictures along the way. I took a lot of video on my study abroad trip last spring, and I was able to cut up some of the video into pictures. With the "Way We Were" song in my head I decided to do some watercolor animation throughout the scrapbooking. I was pleased with the results, as I thought I would not have enough time, but it turned out to be longer than I thought. I added the end time-lapse of me "forgetting" and moving on because I think that is just how memories go. I really wanted to incorporate the song into my piece, so I played it on piano and set it over the piece. I think that while some parts match up really well, the song also helped to slow down the piece, which got a little fast in the scrapbooking sections. Overall it was a fun project, and now I have documentation of my trip! Also, I don't think animation/stop motion/time lapse is as hard as I initially thought it would be, and I am excited about trying other things out with the new skills I have learned.


I liked this stop motion animation because of your incorporation of different elements of animation (painting and film clips) into your main sequence. I also like the meaning behind it and its truthfullness. It leaves the viewer feeling content with the piece's message.