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On a Run

The original idea I had was to do a video in the Modest Mouse format that we watched in class. I began with taking video of my friend going for a run in different areas around campus. After editing that video I finally got it in the image form, but due to several different issues with actually getting all 1200 pictures printing I changed my idea. While I still used the video in a choppy stop motion style I didn't actually use physical photos. Instead I took stop motion pictures of a white piece of paper and overlaid the video onto my background photos. Finally, I made some music using garageband. And that brought me to the final product.


I thought this project was nicely done. I’m glad you changed you idea because I really liked the comparison between the smooth video verses the choppy stop motion effect. The stop motion seemed to reflect the fast pace of everyday life while the jogging seemed relaxing. Because of the choppy background it makes the smoothness of the video more noticeable. I think that if the whole thing was a stop motion you would have lost that affect. I also thought the music fit really well with the video and gives the viewer a calm and relaxing feeling.

I still question how this video was made because in the 'post' scene that edge of a poster comes so close to going over the video that I swear it can't be done the way I know it is. haha The music goes great with this piece and the only idea for change I could really come up with is to create more of a 'connected sense' with the runner and the scenes we picture by having Heidi run by the final scene or something to that effect. The thought struck me while I was watching this that, for the filming you just taped a blank sheet taped wherever and I wonder what this would've looked like to see you doing; just filming a blank piece of paper. ha I really enjoyed this piece, it's very calming. I bet you could enter this into some sort of fitness video competition!

I thought this piece was the most realized and conceptually fulfilling, your use of dual video translated this idea of time and space i.e. showing the environment of a runner while at the same time animating the runner in a separate frame. the music fit perfectly with the mood. in the real time video you used color and in the stop motion-black and white, this also lent itself to creating a somber reflective mood. very well done