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project 3/4

This project is a continuation of my project 3 proposal. I am working on some different techniques to make a short animation with hand drawings. I am attempting to put a media that I am familiar with into an unfamiliar form. My hope for this project is that it will be as long as ten minutes, however due to time and technical constraints (inability to draw thousands and thousands of pictures) I will probably shorten this time duration to a more reasonable 3-5 minutes. This would play like a small episode contained in itself, it depicts a moment in a certain specific time and place. It isn’t so much a story, but it does involve a dialogue, and is presented in a narrative form that involves characters in a setting. The animation is based around a recorded conversation in which two voices talk about their experience with the bike culture surrounding Minneapolis. They talk specifically about personal experiences with biking, what feelings arise from these experiences and what that means on a larger scale. The characters are voices taken from a real conversation, a moment of real time, in which these voices by presenting their own cultural analysis within the dialogue are meant to spur and inspire the analysis of those viewing the animation. The topics of technology, self-awareness and modernity are discussed here in this fleeting moment, and in ways are a reflection of this specific time and space in which they are presented. In the animation I am representing these people (myself and a friend) as two animals; the setting is a café. This animation will be done in a sketchy style, which will be somewhat whimsical, like a children’s book illustration. Mostly the scenes consist of the two characters talking to one another, with one or both in the frame. As they talk their ideas may materialize as drifting images around them, which will flow with the conversation. This is something that I would present on screen, there are other options but as of now this seems like the best option. I am also considering some kind of public instillation, however because it has such a short running time that might not really workout. However, having this projected onto public spaces such as bus stations does seem interesting and something I might consider further. The audience for this animation is quite wide and not really defined. I have not decided on color for this project because it seems like an especially daunting task when making these drawings. What I really would like technically is to have more knowledge about how to make sure these drawings correlate to the sounds I have recorded. Knowing more about how to use Photoshop to help with some of the small details of this project would be helpful in getting the results that I am visualizing when making the drawings as well.