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Project 4 proposal

Choosing an adventure is no easy task,but since it is called an adventure I am running with that idea. For my final project I would like to do animation again, but this time I want to do solely animation, either on the computer, or painting. I want it to be set to a poem I am going to write about an imaginative idea, probably concerning skating. It will start out simple, become elaborate as the character's imagination takes off, and at the end it will be simple again. Since I will be painting and it is set to a poem, it probably won't be that long, but I am looking forward to not worrying about time constraints for this project and just concentrating on making a good video! The presentation for this project is undecided, it will most likely just be screen, although it would be interesting to put it on a website. My audience is anyone who appreciates winter, which seems to be a large group. All ages should be able to enjoy it. My video will adress the audience by playing into the mysterious quality of winter that many people enjoy.