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Proposal 3

Very tentatively for my project I want to do something within the framework of the film 'Waking Life'. My plan then is to record some action, which will more than likely simply be me talking, and then to animate over the top of it. At this moment I would like to make my project a good deal longer than the 3ish minute requirement and so for the time being at least it might make more sense to see this project as connected with the final. Also, the length of time it would take to animate even about 3 minutes seems entirely daunting and almost absurd, so extending this project is the most logical thing. Right now I think my main theme for the work is going to be "Apathy." I want to deal with the contemporary sense of apathy as it applies to a wide range of topics including; politics, philosophy, and art. I think that my work will more or less come across as a sort of stream of consciousness piece although I want most of the dialogue written out. I want it to be lyrical in a way, mixing a vague notion of poetics around the words and phrases I am using. That is, I don't want it to come across as extraordinarily direct, I would much rather the piece facilitate many different reads and necessitate viewing the film several times before it would open itself up.

Daniel Atkinson