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Artist Presentation: Golan Levin

Some video's of Golan Levin's work.

My artist presentation was done on Golan Levin. Golan Levin is a digital and interactive artist. "Golan Levin's work combines equal measures of the whimsical, the provocative, and the sublime in a wide variety of online, installation and performance media.? His website is www.flong.com. Golan Levin's work really centers around involving the viewer in the artwork, such work as Scrapple are designed solely to get the viewer involved in the artwork, and really there would be no artwork without the viewers interference (3rd Video). He as collaborates with other artist to put on unique and interesting events such as, Ursonography and Dialtones. Dialtones directly involves the audience by creating a symphony from their cell phones ring tones. While Ursonography shows us Levin's connection to computer programming and voice recognition. Levin also does many interactive online works such as Meshy and Obzok.