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Artist Visit - Chris Dashke

Chris Dashke is an artist that works with drawings, paintings, and sculptures. For Dashke drawing and sculpture usually went together. He always makes a drawing of his sculptures, and he also makes sculptures from his drawings. For years he has been trying to find a way of combining his drawings with his sculptures. His brought some of his most recent works which were made out of large cable wires. He uses them in his sculptures but at the same time he used the cable as a line to create a drawing. As you can tell from my stop motion project with Legos I’m really interested in the differences between two dimensional and three dimensional planes, and what happens then the two comes together. I like his ideas of combining sculpture and drawings, but I was not really impressed by his works. They were quite simple and until he explains them they doesn’t do much to capture an audiences‘ attention. I think his work is still in an experimental phase, and at this point the work he is doing is mostly for himself. He has the right ideas but I think he is still developing a way to represent his idea in a meaningful way. I did enjoy some of his past works that he showed us in a slide show. He experimented with painting and I liked some of them, but I thought impressive works were his large scale sculptures.