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Artist visit; David Feinberg- Voices to Vision

David Feinberg is a painter and an instructor here at the University of Minnesota. On Sunday December 9th there was a presentation of one of his projects “Voices to Vision� that involved Holocaust survivors and the use of art to help translate or transmit their stories of endurance. Five survivors; Joe Grosnacht, Murry Brandys, Sabrina Zimering, Lucy Smith, and Gina Kugler, along with Dr. Stephen Feinstein (the director of the Center of Holocaust and Genocide Studies) collaborated with David Fienberg in creating various pieces of art. These works ranged from traditional paintings, wood 3-dimensional constructions, and digital collage. Feinberg would construct a painting then apply drawings from the ‘survivors’ with-in his composition.
The survivors would first share their stories with David and his undergraduate students to create a dialogue in which a piece of art can be conceived, and transformed into a visual representation that reflects this new shared experience. Each piece is a true collaboration with the artist and the storyteller. It is the intension of this project to create a new way of seeing and experiencing issues of the Holocaust and other genocides to those who have little or no experiences of these terrible atrocities, thus “The experience from the past appearing in new visual forms attracts the curiosity and inquiry of the audience with the implication that the problem exists today and the dialogues are still active�.