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C.M.J.'s Final Project - (R)Evolving: Time And The Growing Male

For my final project, I wanted to do something that was rather broad in its scope, and I came up with an idea that would examine different age groups, or "target demographics," over the past decade. I wanted to film different scenes to demonstrate satirical looks at the situations and events that can be looked at as "rites of passage" and "defining moments" in the lives of many kids as they grow up. I decided that I wanted to present the movie as a sort of documentary, talking of pop culture going on in the world to give a real-life point of reference for these kids' lives, one that was in line with my age group growing up during these grades. I wanted to do a wide variety of things to delve into this subject matter and to vary up the video. Once I had written out all of my ideas, I filmed and created all of the scenes, made some original musical pieces for the beginning and end of the movie, and came up with narration to tie the whole movie together. The title is a play off of the idea of American males not necessarily E-volving and growing, but RE-volving and falling into a pattern, going through a continuous cycle of behavior and expected activity, falling into trends and conformity throughout the ages without breaking the mold. The video is really an examination of how people many times do not break the mold or become individuals in any meaningful sense, and the film questions if there can be more of a push towards growing up and causing a change for the future, for all people. This serious idea is of course mixed with a lot of over-the-top humor and weird and various references, things I tend to like to do. My original intent was not for the movie to be as long as it turned out, but in the end I think the structure and framework of the movie is pretty much in line with what I envisioned for it, so I feel it works and is justified. While difficult at times, I really enjoyed creating this movie, and hope that people like it and get something out of it.


I really enjoyed the first half of this video. I think that it would have been ideal, in my opinion, to incorporate the music that you created in the first part of the video instead of making it seem like two separate pieces. However, you did a very good job, as usual, with your process in creating a dynamic script and video sequence that was very entertaining.

Your video was really entertaining to watch, and it didn't seem as long when I was watching it as it actually is (which is a good thing). I liked how you switch between the slideshow to actual video footage to just pictures with voices to them, etc. Your script was really well written, and I think the music video at the end really added to your video, even though some people didn't. I feel like it summed up what was shown in the rest of the video really well.

this project was very funny as well as insightful. the way you poked fun at the some what pathitc expereinces of growing up as a white boy was wickedly witty, and the comentary of a soceity that is driven by consumerism "target" market was ingenious. the only part i had trouble with was the prolonged moments of blank screen-this stood out because the rest of your peice was rich with information; both subtle and overt. your music is allso good; however, i wasn't sold on the it as an ending (the music and the video still kicked ass)

This video was interesting to me because it followed the ages I was at each year, except by examining guys. It was a pretty educational movie for me in that sense because I really have no idea what it is like to be a growing male. The voiceover on it sounded really good, and I like a lot of ideas in it, such as the aim conversation and when you put up pictures with adolescent voices. While it was funny/had a good message/edcational/ impressive, I think it could be improved by finding a better way to pull it all together...the song, and the differet time frames in the video. I'm glad you included a song though, I always enjoy those!

Overall, I was very impressed with several elements of your project. I think I was most impressed with how real, honest, and open your video was, and I was happy to see someone to make a project that was so personal to its maker. Specifically, I liked the way you used several fads from both american pop culture and also the social stratification of public school from the past decade to differentiate between what is meaningful to you personally and what isn't.