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C.M.J.'s Visiting Artist Response #1 - Michael Krueger

The first visiting artist I am responding to is Michael Krueger, who came and gave a presentation on November 1, 2007, at the Regis Center For Art at the University of Minnesota. Krueger's work was very interesting. He talked about getting inspiration for his work from many strange images, amongst them children's cups and accessories. He does many interesting drawings and digital pieces of art, that have many recurring themes, such as blurring the natural world. He deals a lot with making people think about things in different ways by twisting preexisting images around or juxtaposing them with other images to make people reexamine them and their ideas. Some examples are his drawing of Thomas Jefferson (who was a big shopper back in his day) pushing a modern day shopping cart, bringing about ideas one wouldn't normally associate with either image by itself. Another example is superimposing an image of a soldier in war over an image of Alice Cooper that Krueger drew when he was in high school, to show what he might have doodled back in high school if he were to think about Alice Cooper as the big patriot which Cooper apparently is in real life. Krueger is also interested in presenting images that have nonspecific moods and ideas that people can interpret themselves. I really liked Krueger's work because it dealt with bringing together many things that people don't normally think could go together, and then making something special out of them, which is something I really admire and think is terrific. Overall, I felt his lecture was good, and he clearly has a personal connection with his work that really shows through. His use of computer technology in some of his work, too, I thought was really neat to see.