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C.M.J.'s Visiting Artist Response #2 - Sue Coe

The second visiting artist I am responding to is Sue Coe, who gave a presentation on January 25, 2007 at the Regis Center For Art at the University of Minnesota. Coe is one of the leading political artists in the world today, though her work covers many topics, and she has done drawings for many famous organizations, including one for the producers of The X-Files. Sue told many stories of her experiences with many of the people she has met, and she showed lots of different works that spanned different topics, including many blasting the Bush administration, with George W. Bush made to look as evil and incompetent as possible for the atrocities that many link him to (one picture depicted Bush defecating on people from his bare anus). Most of her work is very dark in its content, and she spent a lengthy period of time showing drawings she had done of women from prison who were infected with HIV, and how their lives were affected. She really brought to life the pain and torment of these people's lives. The other lengthy work she presented was of cruelty towards animals, including unethical treatment towards animals in slaughter houses, and the inhumane treatment towards sheep. Many of the pictures with animals were very graphic, which went along well with the theme of showing their torture and pain. Sue Coe's work was very good, and the way she draws things has a unique cartoonish seriousness about it, which makes it very captivating. She is obviously very passionate about her political beliefs, and she channels that well into her work. Her strong convictions and sheer talent make for some great art that speaks for itself. I enjoyed her lecture very much.