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coping with loss

For my final project I wanted to attempt to make a video shot entirely in reverse to see what kind of unique effects I could create. The concept is similar to the stop motion assignment in that it changes the effects of time and space in the film. I wanted the video to be very stylized and payed close attention to detail especially in the editing and post production phase. The meaning of the film is open to interpretation but as I stated in class it is supposed to be me coping with the packers loss, a bit of a switch from what one would expect from the introduction. I had a lot of fun shooting this video but really enjoyed, as always, editing and adding music in final cut. I am very pleased with the way this project turned out and definitely plan on experimenting more with the concepts and possibilities made available through this format.


The introduction to your piece is very conceptually interesting. I like how it was reversed because tied to the way you filmed the rest of your video. I really like the audio in you video; I could tell it was a very big part of the piece and you thought a lot about the audio/visual relationship to the narrative. Your video makes me feel very lonely and somber because of this connection, even though it is basically about the Packers loosing. Overall I think this was a well thought out piece in how you represented the feeling of losing.

I really liked your video I thought it was really nicely done. It started out all dramatic and serious but by the end… I don’t even know what to say. You took a lot of time make it appear serious and to build a curtain expectation. You then completely fliped it around and make it into a funny video over the loss of a football game. I also think the effects you used worked nicely with your movie and the music worked really well also.

I really liked this video. You put a lot of effort into the cinematography and the way it was shot; it shows. The backwards movement comes off extremely nice, and the build up and serious tone to something as trivial as a Packers' loss was great, and very funny. The opening also looked very good, and the whole video had a very unique touch. Great work.

The video reminded me a lot of Requiem for a Dream, especially in it use of time and the interaction with the image. The best scene beyond the introduction was probably just you sitting, watching the game, and smoking. I think the way in which it seemed as though you sped up time added to a sense of anxiety within the scene.
The use of lighting and color to went together really well to add to the sense of loss and negativity.

great video. i thought that the juxtaposition of the internalization of society's grief really came out in your performance. balls.

Wow, just wow. This video is amazing, and after talking about it in class I really enjoyed rewatching it realizing it didnt have a serious overtone from the start. The time and effort that you put into filming this really shows, expecially at the beginning when the viewer realizes that something isnt right about the way your walking or whats going on but accepts it because it was so well filmed and coreographed. Amazing Video.

Better than gay sex! 5/5