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final project

For my final project I started off with an idea that did not work out so I then decided to try and make an audio representation of what my day is like. In it I wanted to try and portray a depressed atmoshpere since I deal with depression quite a lot. To do this I tried to be minamalistic in the sounds I used for the day and to not have people interaction and also had a background track of sighs and other things. Overall I think that I got the mood across but that is because I know what I was trying to get across so I am not sure if other people get the same atmoshpere from it.


It's really unfortunate that we had the discussion about not enjoying audio pieces all that much during your piece today. It really had nothing to do with just your piece, but audio pieces in general using field recordings. About your audio piece though I liked the television show audio that over lapped. It gave it that channel surfing feeling and how if you aren't watching the tv, the noises from the shows just fade into each other as your flipping through. The alarm clock was a great starter for the piece because that's how most everyone wakes up in the morning.