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Final project

For my final project I attempted to make a short animation with handmade drawings. I was inspired by recent animation work I had seen to challenge myself with a new style of work. This project feels unfinished to me and is something I would like to continue working on. The final product seems more like a small episode that could be part of a larger collection. In ways that’s how I want it to read, as a narrative created out of a small, unscripted dialogue that one picks up almost as though they overheard it in passing. Ideally I would have liked for it to be projected in some public space, like a bus stop. This project might have been a little too ambitious. The final project came out somewhat successfully, but there were many technical aspects about producing animation work that I wish I would have known more about. In the end it seems like this project was more of a way for me to experiment with a different way of viewing images.


I really like your piece, in that it is a video that is more about the audio content, rather than the quality of the animation. I think that the ideas presented in the conversation are very thought provoking. I like how you chose not to necessarily animate those ideas, but portray the actual scene and environment two people would have this conversation in.