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Final Project- SAND TREE

For my final project, I wanted to make a connection between different kinds of video, specifically live action video and stop motion animation. I chose to use sand and a light box as a medium because sand can do things that no other medium can do. It shows light in a very unique very, because the density of the sand allows different amounts of light to shine through. It also can be moved, sculpted, blown, etc. in ways that other media such as paper, clay, ink, plastic could never be used. I chose to do a story about a tree because I felt that the earth-like qualities of sand would accent the poetic tone I was going for. I also felt that to accomplish this aesthetic, I couldn't use the garage band's sound loops, so I made my music using garage band's digital keyboard instead. I definitely encountered several problems along the way; mainly because sand was a completely foreign medium to me when I started the project. I also had problems keeping the camera steady during the stop motion, because the camera had shoot pictures parallel to both the light box and the ground. I learned a lot about using sand as a medium during the process, and enjoyed using a medium that was completely foreign to me.


I liked this video. I was not in class for your artist presentation, so I don't have a frame of reference for this style, and I think it is really cool. I find it hard to believe it is all sand, especially in the stop-motion part because it doesn't look like it could be sand. So I like it! I also like the tree storyline, but I think it could be better developed by giving more away in the title.

I think working with sand as a medium for your project was a good idea because your story relates to nature. I liked how you used the sun and the moon to show time changing. I also liked how you started out with you hands planting a seed and then the tree started to grow on its own. The part you did in stop motion worked really well. I really likes it and the music fit nicely with you video.

I definitely preferred the piece that seemed to play less off of the work of the artist that you showed us. I think too some of the narrative was lost in between one type of work and the other. Nevertheless, the finished product turned out very beautiful and was probably your best work yet. Also, just attempting something that you have never tried before and no one else in the class is doing is bold, and bound to lead to some hiccups.

I felt that this piece had a few very different sections that didn't really fit together for me. I really enjoyed the stop motion segment where you used the green light filter, and feel like this would have been a nice method to see expanded. It seemed very disconnected in my mind from the other portion where the viewer could see your hands manipulating the sand. The stop motion was a nice variation on the use of sand we saw with the artist you presented.

I really enjoyed this video however its affect on me was lessened because I had seen your artist presentation. The scenes where you were moving the sand with your hands were nice but the project really shined in the stop motion section. Seeing the tree grow and the animation within that secton was quite nice. Good audio to go along with the video as well.