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Revenge & Betrayal

This video is a sequel to my last project. There were three worlds in the last video and I didn’t put much emphasis on the Human World so that‘s what I wanted to do in this one. The Lego guy draws himself a portal into our world to get a quarter. To do this project I had to do all of the stop motion on a green screen, capture some video, and in the editing process I had to chroma key the green out. Since I had to do the video and the stop motion separately it took a couple of tired before I got things to fit inside the screen properly. It also took a long time because I had to edit each individual picture using chroma key. Music isn’t my strongest point but I tired to change the music as the mood changes. I think it turned out okay but I like my first one better.


I liked how there was a mix of real motion and stop motion in the video and also a mix of going back and forth from a drawn world to the real world. The music and sounds fit well though I did feel like I would have liked to hear a sound effect for when you fell over and the change dropped out of your hand, but not having it didn't take away from the video. I liked the story for this video and how it was a sequal to your last one. Overall good job.

I enjoyed that you made a sequel to the original film, although the style was different from the first you still incorporated a lot of the same story elements. I think I enjoyed the first one of these two films a little more because of how you worked on developing the characters so much in the first one and the camera angles as well were much more interesting. I liked the use of the green screen because it made the images more clear, but I feel like it may have hindered your ability to get into more of the same detailed type of work we saw with your other stop motion.

I was thoroughly entertained by the sequel to your stop motion lego-land film. I really liked how you decided to use the green screen, that was a challenge that I don't think anyone else attempted this semester. It turned out very nice, and as always it contained a few very funny moments that came across well. good job.

I really enjoyed this video because it seemed like it was an extension from the last project that you did. The greenscreen work that you did for the real life lego scenes is really nice, with the only aquard scene being the one where they bend over to grab the money. The story was well thought out and a good continuation of your last project. Nice work!