December 12, 2007

artist presentation

I did my presentation on the Brothers Quay. A brief overview of them is that they were born in 1947 in Pennsylvania and now live and work in England. They are now well known stop motion artists but before they were so they worked as professional illustrators. They have done some music videos for a couple groups but did not do any for Tool like many people mistakingly believe. Most of their stop motion has a creaapy and dark atmosphere to them and often use dolls.

To watch some of their work just copy and paste this adress with the number at the end being from 6135-6151 number here without parenthesis)

November 26, 2007

C.M.J.'s Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I am thinking of doing something that examines people as they grow up, and stereotypical trends that they can fall into, all treated sardonically and satirically. I will employ narration to help explain the different scenarios and what is going on, pictures of pop culture being discussed, and acted out scenes to depict the youth and their experiences. There will be an overarching theme to the whole thing, poking fun at convention and the perils of adhering to a life based around rites of passage and the status quo of conformed society. It will documentary-style in nature, or rather, mockumentary, while still making observations about life that can ring all too true.

November 21, 2007

7 Ate 9: A Musical Number

When I first started coming up with my ideas for a stop motion movie, I wanted to do something that was creative, unique, weird, and funny, and after a long time of brainstorming, I came up with a strange idea based on the old children's joke, "Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9." I then came up with the story of a land of magic numbers where the number 7 hunts down the number 9, and eats him. The number 6 becomes afraid, and he calls me to come kill the number 7. I decided I would tell the story in the form of a musical-esque song that I would write and record. I first wanted to use cardboard cutouts for the numbers, but then decided it would be easier with using a white board and markers. I recorded the song, filmed the animation, and then filmed my part in the movie. I moved in slow increments and inserted the shots into the movie in order to create stop motion for my parts, as well. I then filmed me singing the song in the same way. I put the telling of the joke at the beginning of the movie, so that people would understand the concept, and then ended it with credits and the bizarre song "Revolution 9" by The Beatles, which I thought was a fitting and weird ending to the already strange movie. In the end, I like the way the movie came together, and I feel it is something that is pretty different. It was a fun and enjoyable process, overall.