September 24, 2007

Art Responses

One of the pieces I picked was the labor Camp A audio switch board. I liked it because it worked by plugging in the cable into any of the slots and the songs, that are labeled on a brochure, would play in a loop. If I enjoyed one more than others, I was able to listen to it in loop for as long as I wanted. I feel as though the brochure is necassary for understanding the piece because of the information that ties together the audio. Another piece that interested me was something labeled Guangdong 1991. It portrays a middle aged woman stressed out while at work. Her face is the focus of the picture and the 'rocus' around her had become blurry and tiresome. Her arm is propped up on some surface and her hand is stretched across her eyes. Its depressing to look at for too long because all you can see is her pain and stress, and nothing else. The caption states how cheap products drive the Chinese economy and the chinese workers are forced towards manufactoring jobs. My final piece was Jianyxi 1998 by Zhang Xinmin. There are a group of Chinese workers who were obviously waiting at a train stop and their low standard of living can be seen by the way their tearing apart at eachother to climb into a train window. The caption talks about how people travel great lengths to find and hopefully keep a job. However, the unemployment rate is very high in China. The large group of workers fighting to climb into the tiny train window is a way of showing how only one of them may actually become employed in the months to come, while the rest of them will have to linger behind and wait to fight for another train to board.

SAD responses

Many of the pieces in the SAD exhibit at the Weisman were moving but the two that I reacted to most were the Good Morning Good Night and the Labor Camp Room B. The first was interesting because of the concept behind it (showing how everyday phrases loose their meaning over time and that is shown in the tone of voice). The second grabbed my attention because of the morbid subjects of the people speaking.

SAD Responses

Shotgun Landscape
Jason Sapfford, HDVideo, 15min

As I was first looking at this piece it really didnt make me sad or depressed like some other people I had talked to. If you havent seen it, in essence its a piece of black wood that is slowly getting shot away to reveal a landscape behind. While I must admit that the landscape wasnt the most "beautiful" thing I have ever seen, and that I assume it was filmed durring the months b4 winter b/c all the grass is brown and the tress are barren, by all means I cant feel that the scene was depressing. If anything when I was watching the video it made me feel happy, b/c you have a beautiful scenery emerging from complete darkness. It remineded me of going for winter to spring, winter is extreamly cold and depressing then suddenly it opens up into spring (all be it a very gray spring).

Labor Camp Room B
Piotor Szyhalski

This piece was very interesting as it required interation. You put on a set of headphones and then like the old telephone switchboards put 2 pegs(on for each side of your headphone) into a slot to listen to a video clip. One thing i found interesting is that the experiance is diffenernt for everyone depending on what your listening too at any one given time. Out of all of the works that I looked at this one prabably made me feel the most depressed, mainly b/c as I was moving pegs around I found a rather desturbing combination. In one ear I was listening to a UN speach about how people should be nice to each other and everyone in the world should get along. While in the other I was listening to a Nazi prapaganda compain or a recording of 911. Just found it a bit desturbing, but the experiance is different for everyone.

365 Good Morning and Good Night
Molly Roth

This one was easy to miss if you wernt looking out for it. Basically what it was is a loop of the composer Molly Roth saying Good Morning and Good NIght over and over in a loop. It is delievered via a mic that is placed above you (haging down from the celling). From all over the area you can kinda hear it but then you get right under the mic and it focuses and you get the real experiance. If you sit there for a bit the recording actually makes you feel really good, or it did for me. Good Morning/Night are usually good things to hear and thus should make you feel happy. After a while of sitting there though an odd thing happend. Im not sure if it was the tone of her voice but while Good Morning still made me feel good (which is wierd, I HATE mornings), Good Night started to sound demening and mean. Might have just been the way she was saying it or I was just listening to it for too long.

September 23, 2007

3 responses of the SAD exhibit

Theresa Handy
Twins, 2007
For me this piece was a great representation of how dark and bleak the colder seasons in Minnesota can seem. The piece was dark, gloomy, and barren apart from the twins in the water in the upper left. It was very effective at giving off the depressing mood that the seasons can hold for people.

Chris Larson
Shotgun Landscape, 2007
This piece really struck home with me since the landscape depicted looks very similar to how the country side i grew up in looked during late fall. The landscape in this piece again shows more of a barren open area surrounded by woods. Most of the plants in the landscape look dead since the trees are devoid of leaves and the grass is brown. Again as with the last piece i talked about the barren and dead look to everything gives off a depressing atmosphere. There are no real signs of life during the film so it also seems like a very lonely place. The way at which the landscape was revealed was pretty inventive i think. It also goes along with country life (at least where i grew up) where you go out and shoot target practice for fun on whatever you have around.

Kathrine Turczan
Hidden Beach, Mudman, 2003
To me this one really portrayed sadness and loneliness. The man in this photo is just standing there expressionless and with slouched shoulders which conveys a lack of energy and joy. In this picture he is all by himself on a wooded part of the beach which helps make it seem like he is all alone. The fact that this picture was in black and white adds to the mood it portrays but not brightening things up. This goes for the rest of the hidden beach series of photos that the wiesman had as well. One thing that i really liked about the series is that no one was smiling in any of the pictures even though they were at a beach where people would tend to have fun.