October 1, 2007

Project 1 : Sound Map!

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Urban Market Walk

Framers market urban stroll

On Thursdays in down town Minneapolis, the streets are full of people. The farmers market sets up shop all along the Nicollet Mall. This event draws a diverse group of individuals to the produce tents. People of various social-economical backgrounds congregate to the small tents, which seem to be spilling over with fresh produce.
I thought this would be an interesting contrast with regards to the urban environment in which we live, the notion of buying produce directly from the farmers, the economical differences between those who are buying and those who are panhandling. The streets are rich with the sounds languages and music. You can hear the different cultures that are all around us as foreign languages dance about the ears to the tune of the street musicians.
The market is truly an allegory of the global village in which we live, enriching us with the diversity of society.
The effects I used were; amplification, repeat, echo, and speed. I wanted to capture the true richness of a crowd, so I tried not to over do it with effects.

Studying at Starbucks

I choose to do my project at Starbucks because I like to go there to do there sometimes and have a blended coffee while I study. I usually think of it as a nice and quiet place, but I was surprised at how much I normally tone out. I wanted to make this a linear experience but I found it really hard. While I was recording I notice that there was music playing in Starbucks, but I didn’t give it much thought until I got to the editing part. A lot of the sounds I wanted to use had different background music to it. I had to use different tracks for some of the sounds, and used a separate track for the background song I choose. I used panning on some of the sounds, echo, reverse, amplify other sounds I wanted to emphasis, fade in and out and I normalize everything at the end. This project was harder and took a lot longer than I thought it would.

4th Quarter in the Metrodome

The metrodome is currently home to multiple events, and is a perpetual dynamic environment. I decided to use the site during a Gopher football game to capture the environment during one of it's rowdiest moments. In the metrodome I did not discover anything unexpected, as I have visited the site several times and, depending on who the opposing team is, the site for Gopher football doesn't differ that much from game to game. For me, football doesn't completely capture my attention but I find it fun to participate in the songs and cheers. For this reason, I organized my sounds as a football game between the cheerleaders and the band, with silence where chants and songs usually are, and noise where silence usually is. The main effects I used were intended to make it sound like a play was being made, so the sounds were changed in their amplitude, speed, tempo, bass, and I also worked often with the fading in and out features, as well as overlapping sound to indicate moments when the opposing team intercepted the ball or interupted a play. After reviewing the rules of Football, the process came naturally and was a lot of fun once I developed my concept further.

Project 1 Piece

I chose to make a soundscape of my own room. I wanted to show its qualities of tranquility. I feel like I have accomplished this by adding the rhythm of my own heart beating as it changes pace and volume. I selected sounds of daily actions within my room and mixed them. I placed them in an order that they would be in during a normal evening, but I overlapped some actions while speeding up or abbreviating others. If you listen for it, you can even hear the subtle noise of the fan which was artificially created. Also, I altered a portion of song that I recorded on guitar to act as a soothing undertone of calming harmonies. This was to show the literal representation of the guitar in my room while further arguing for the tranquility of my room.

Project #1 "Stone Arch"

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A Walk Through Home

After recording audio for my upcoming project, I realized that many
questions that had previously been anonymous were now answered. Recording
sounds around my house seemed like a logical choice to pick because these
were sounds I hear ever day but never pay much attention to. The most
unexpected thing was just the fact that there were so many unique noises
and to single them out was interesting. I organized my sounds by arranging
them by almost giving a tour of the house. The reasoning for that was so that
the listener is able to picture the scene in their heads with ease and can
relate as well. I used a lot of echoing as well as different volume and
speed effects to give the piece a more realistic feel. I also experimented with
the phaser effect at one point and liked the outcome. Overall, the whole
process was fun and challenging at the same time. It had me really get in
touch with my surroundings and helped me focus and develop the piece on a
new level.

Project 1

I decided to work in an area in which there was not a large amount of sound. I do a lot of work with spray paint and tagging and figured that I would use one of the areas that I regularly work at as the focus of my project. The idea of the piece as a whole was to follow my movements and the movements of my spray can as I hid throughout the city. Attempting to tag is, in a sense, ironic in relation to this project as tagging involves avoiding sound whereas we are attempting to capture sound. The overwhelming sounds in the clip come from the mic that I threw in my bag as I traveled. Although occassionally there are audible cars or an airplane, for the most part the only other sounds come from the can of spray paint at the end.

Dorm Life


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Twilight Cemetery

Use headphones!

For my sound project, I started by recording a short musical piece at home and altered it using audacity. I listened to the altered musical piece and it reminded me very much of back when I was a kid when I used to have sleepovers at my aunt's house, and my aunt and I would stay up late watching old episodes of the T.V. show "The Twilight Zone". So I decided to construct my project around this short music piece, and make my project sort of "Twilight-Zone-esque". The location I chose for the recording was the Hillside Cemetery on Stinson blvd., because it matched to theme of my project and the tone of the music. I basically just walked through the paths in the cemetery to hear what sounds I could find. I would hear sounds like a few wind chimes that I found hanging from a tree, geese honking, crickets and other bugs chirping, and the wind blowing. For effects, I used a lot of spatialization, a lot of fading in and out, altering the speed, and the "wah wah" effect for the music. Overall the process of putting the audacity project together came pretty naturally, because all components of the "story" it tells made sense to me.

Hidden Falls Regional Park

The place that i chose was the Hidden Falls Regional Park and this is because it is a peaceful and relaxing park. I also thought it is interesting that while here as in any park in the cities you get both sounds from nature like birds and crickets but also sounds that are from cities and the such like traffic in the background. One thing that was unexpected for me was on the day I went to go get sounds there were basically no other people at the park and so it was extremely quiet and I had to make some sounds myself by throwing pebbles into the water among some other things. When it came to organizing the sounds that I got I set them up in the order of the places I stopped around the park. For me this was the most logical since it then follows some sort of path. When it came to editing the piece in audacity I used some repeating to get some sounds to last the same amount of time as others that needed to go together and I also amplified some quiet sounds so that they were easier to hear. I also used the envelope tool to try and get a spatial sound with the motor boat. All in all I did find the project to be fun though challenging at times. It was difficult to try and figure out what I wanted to do with the sounds when I was editing and when I was out recording I wasn't even sure that anything was being picked up for the most part since it was a quiet day out there. When I got back and listened to the recordings and found out I did get sounds it made me fell a lot better.

Questioning Agency

This stretch of Franklin Avenue is one that I frequent quite a lot. For me it is the connecting strip between two worlds. However, what I have found in the times that I have traveled through this area is that the places in-between are far more interesting then one might expect. In ways this stretch of street tells a narrative on its own just by being, and when heard in succession the individual stories grow to create an incongruous mix of many backgrounds and themes. These are things at first I did not recognize, but bicycling has a funny way of forcing you to open up and be a part of the surrounding scene.
I organized these sounds into a narrative, taking bits and pieces from my travels and mixing theme to form some semblance of a journey, complete with stops at different areas. This technique mimics the path I would normally follow complete with all the usual and unusual noises heard along the way. This process was a lot like piecing a puzzle together, mostly just picking and choosing a few seconds here and there and blending the sounds. I used mostly fading and amplifying techniques to make it seem realistic and as well to emphasize the significant noises. The process of sound mapping and sound editing is unfamiliar territory for me. I think on a technical level I may not be very skilled and that was a challenge, this process, however, of opening up to knew ways of experiencing the world was very enjoyable and enlightening.

Dorm Room

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Sound Project #1

Sound Project #1
Kevin Green

The site I chose to do my project on was the University of Minnesota Mall. I chose the Mall mainly because I spend a lot of my free time there, mostly eating and or sleeping between classes. While I do spend a lot of my time on the Mall after doing my project I realized that I don’t pay much attention to the sounds around me. One recording has what seems to be the sound of an Eagle that I have never heard before. I tried to organize my project as if you were spending some of your free time in the mall. At the beginning you hear a bell, at the height of the hour, and it’s fairly calm. Near the middle I tried to make it seem like you were in the middle of a crowd that had just been let out from class and the mall is busy all around you, doors opening and many conversations. Then you hear another bell ring and it calms down again. Some effects I tried to use were having the sound fade from one ear to another which I hope worked well. In one section I actually have two audio clips, one in each ear to make it seem like there are many things going on around you, during those clips you can remove one headphone and hear a single conversation or listen to both simultaneously. Personally I thought this project was a blast to do, really paying attention to all the sounds around me was an interesting experience. One thing that did bug me is that I really felt creepy recording people and sometimes “stalking? them to get a good noise, it must have looked strange. Overall I am very please with my first sound project.

First Sound Piece

I chose to record sounds while going on a walk around Lake Harriet. I decided on that location because I've always found that particular lake to be the most relaxing and enjoyable to walk around. I picked a pretty windy day to go out and record sounds so there was a lot of material I couldn't use. I also didn't expect to hear the song 'Baby Love' at the end of my excursion. I organized my sounds in the order of which I walked. That part was rather easy for me. The most challenging part was finding clips that were easy enough to hear through all the wind. I used a lot of the fade in/fade out effect. I like this effect because it makes everything flow better. I also amplified a couple parts, for example, I made the clip with the crickets louder. The process of this project was very stressful for me because I was having technical difficulties for about a day. When I figured that part out it went alright. Editing takes forever! It was a good experience but I'm glad it's over.

The Bar Story

I chose the site I did because I thought it would be interesting to try and capture the atmosphere of a bar aurally. After listening to my final mix I've realized that the bar atmosphere is much louder and more frenetic than it usually seems when I'm there. A lot of the background sounds seem to be subconsciously filtered out when one is in that environment. For my mix I attempted to highlight some of the more familiar and thus more ignored sounds by cutting them up and creating playful almost rhythmic patterns occasionally in the background. My piece follows an arguably typical bar room conversation/story through my ears and also as a memory as I sit in the same bar and recall the story. I used a lot of reverb and echo to give the effect of a dialog going on in the head of the narrator. The process of creating this piece came as a challenge to me as I was not used to putting together non-rhythmical work. After I recorded and isolated a number of good samples and began the work of sequencing and editing the task became fun as much as it was challenging.

From The Car To The Mall And Back Again

For my sound mapping project, I chose to record a trip from my car in the parking lot of the Southdale mall, into and around the inside of the mall itself, and back out to my car again. I chose this particular location because I thought it would be interesting to chronicle the different kinds of sparse ambiance of the outside with the bustling varied sounds of the mall, and show the round trip from the car to the mall and back again. Nothing too unexpected was came across. I organized the sounds by cutting out a lot of the more boring empty spaces, and filling up the five minute piece by connecting the more dynamic sounds together. I also used some panning effects, and drenched the mall atmosphere with heavy reverb, to add to the immenseness of the sound, contrasted with the open air of the outside area. Overall, I thought the process of putting the project together went pretty well. It was hard at times to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the sounds, but after I got into it it got easier. Overall, it was pretty fun and I think it turned out pretty well.

September 30, 2007

Sound Mapping

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