November 25, 2007

Artist Presentation Schedule

M 26, Nov : EXTRA CREDIT!!

  • Sara Kalinoski - William Kentridge
  • Daniel Atkinson - "merzbow"

W 28, Nov : EXTRA CREDIT!!

  • Brady Hill - Brothers Quay
  • Jared Nelson - ?

M 03, Dec :

  • Emily Holland - ?
  • Lauren Klaubunde - harold "hype" williams
  • Wesley Balinger - David Rokeby
  • Kevin Green - ?
  • Andrew Siegel - ?

W 05, Dec :

  • Ryan Mozetti - Takashi Murakami
  • Jennifer Huynh - Nam Jun Paik
  • Joshua Leiske - ?
  • Britta Anderson - Mathew Barney

M 10, Dec :

  • Ryan Hagness - Phil Hansen
  • Lucas Harder - Jan Svankmeyer
  • Christopher Jensen - Kraftwerk
  • Michael Otis - ?
  • Sarah Horning - Bill Seaman

October 8, 2007

Notes for next class

Great class today. I was very pleased with the ideas and discussion. Thank you for the effort there. If you have not posted your project proposal on the blog, make sure that happens ASAP.

Points of note for Wednesday:

  1. We are meeting at Rarig studio E. Wednesday morning at 9am sharp. We only have a 45 minutes tour so don't be late! You will find directions here :
  2. Please read through the following tutorials by Wednesday. The goal is to familiarize yourself with the language and basic layout of Final Cut Pro and video camera usage. These are an easy read and are essential for Wednesday.
  3. Links to today's videos and resources are on the blog in the "links" section on the blog (see the right hand menubar).
  4. A point of note regarding attendance -- you are permitted 2 unexcused absences according the the syllabus. After that they quickly start counting against your final grade in an unfavorable way. Doctor's notes or some form of validation helps you. Whether unexcused or not, you are expected to make up any missed work -- and I'm not going to find you, so it's your responsibility to contact me.

September 28, 2007

How to submit Project 1

Here's a recap of how I want you to submit your first project.

  1. Export your finished audio piece as a "WAV" file.
  2. Upload it to Mediamill. If you don't remember how to do this, take a look here.
  3. Once you upload it, include the following items in your your description:
    • Title: Pick a meaningful title for your piece (i.e. NOT "proj1" or "alsdkjaljkd").
    • Credits: Full Name, < UofM Email Address > (i.e. Jane Doe,
    • Description: [1601-001, Fall 2007][Project #1][Sound]
    • Credits: Give credit where credit is due.
    • Copyright Info: Consider licensing your piece with Creative Commons. More information here can be found at the Creative Commons website
    • Make sure you check "Accessible to the public?"
  4. After you input the meta-data, create a "Flash Audio, 128kbps" derivative.
  5. After the derivative is created, share it with me by clicking on the share icon. Just enter my username bakercp in the share box (more help here).
  6. Please write a short blog entry (~200 words) reflecting upon your first piece. This process is intended to help you gather your thoughts before the critique on Monday. Your reflection should address questions like:
    • Why did you choose your site?
    • Did you discover anything unexpected?
    • How did you organize your sounds? Why did you do it that way?
    • What kinds of effects did you use? Why?
    • Reflect upon the process: did it come naturally? Was it difficult, fun, enlightening, horrible?
  7. Consider drafting your response in a normal text editing program like Microsoft Word. Remember, this is a college-quality writing and should be grammar and spelling-error free and readable.
  8. At the top of your blog entry, embed the flash sound file you created in step 4 above (recall how you did it with your wordless stories assignment).
  9. Make sure you categorize your with your name and "#1 Sound Mapping" under the "Done" section.
  10. This all needs to be completed before the start of class on Monday at 9:05am.

Please disregard the mapping instructions I gave you on last Wednesday. We will "map" the pieces on Monday before the critiques.

September 24, 2007

TA Hours

Please stop by TA hours if you need some assistance.

8:00-9:00 AM and 12:30 - 4:30 PM Tuesday and Friday

"TJ" is your TA.

September 23, 2007

Class Notes

Demo Links
Art Checkout Website
Audacity Tutorials
MiniDisk to Audacity

Spatialization Examples
Binaural (remember to wear headphones)

27-May-2003, By Christopher Baker (more info here)

The Quiet American : A collection of binaural recordings from all over the world.

Make your own binaural microphone.

September 17, 2007

Class Notes

Here are some artist links from class
Luigi Russolo
Hugo Ball
John Cage

In Space, Mapping etc.
Sound Bike
Janet Cardiff
R. Murry Schaffer, World Soundscape Project
New York Sound Walk
Audio Bus
Sound Map
Sound Seeker
Tactical Sound Garden

Weisman Art Museum Visit

We will be meeting at the Weisman Art Museum this Wednesday (19 September, 2007) at 10am. I will be around the art department if anyone wants to meet and talk beforehand.

After our visit, we'll go back to the art department and discuss the visit.

Here is the website for the art museum and a link to a map.

Weisman Art Museum
How do I get there?