November 4, 2007

project 3 proposal

For the third project, I want to animate a stop-motion video with a chalk board. I want to tell a story that is completely serious and evokes totally opposite emotions than the s’more video. The plan is to record an audio track of a girl playing piano and a guy playing guitar. The story is going to move back and forth to the two characters through tears. The twist is that the story is all told backwards making the viewer trying to relate the consequence (crying) to the cause. I’ve thrown around some ideas for the cause that will end my movie but have not come up with a definite decision as of yet. These ideas are inspired through some of the videos we saw in class like the man drawing on the walls and the reverse music video. I really want my video to be surprising and powerful.

September 24, 2007

SAD responses

Many of the pieces in the SAD exhibit at the Weisman were moving but the two that I reacted to most were the Good Morning Good Night and the Labor Camp Room B. The first was interesting because of the concept behind it (showing how everyday phrases loose their meaning over time and that is shown in the tone of voice). The second grabbed my attention because of the morbid subjects of the people speaking.

September 12, 2007

Death Leap2