December 18, 2007

Revenge & Betrayal

This video is a sequel to my last project. There were three worlds in the last video and I didn’t put much emphasis on the Human World so that‘s what I wanted to do in this one. The Lego guy draws himself a portal into our world to get a quarter. To do this project I had to do all of the stop motion on a green screen, capture some video, and in the editing process I had to chroma key the green out. Since I had to do the video and the stop motion separately it took a couple of tired before I got things to fit inside the screen properly. It also took a long time because I had to edit each individual picture using chroma key. Music isn’t my strongest point but I tired to change the music as the mood changes. I think it turned out okay but I like my first one better.

December 12, 2007

Artist Visit - Laura Melnich

I went to the Be Dazzled event at the WMA to go see some visiting artistes and I came across crop art or seed art. There were several pictures made entirely out of different types of seeds. I really liked it so I went to talk to the artist, Laura Melnich. I asked her how long it took to do each of the pictures and she pointed to one of them that was about 12 by 14 inches and told me it took her over a hundred hours to finish. She has a station set up with different types of seeds so you could make you own crop art. I got really into it and spent 2 hours there working with seeds. I learned a lot by just watching her make a sample for us to see. She place each seed down one at a time unlike my sprinkling technique. I put the glue there I wanted it, sprinkle the seeds on, and shake off the remains. She pieces had pictures of Curious George, Pop-Eyes, and several other cartoons figures, so I asked her if she made other works beside cartoon characters. She said no not really. There was a piece with a picture of Jesse Ventura, but besides that she mostly worked with political cartoons. Laura Melnich seems to have her own style and I really like the cartoon characters, but I would love to see what she could create without cartoons.

December 11, 2007

Artist Visit - Chris Dashke

Chris Dashke is an artist that works with drawings, paintings, and sculptures. For Dashke drawing and sculpture usually went together. He always makes a drawing of his sculptures, and he also makes sculptures from his drawings. For years he has been trying to find a way of combining his drawings with his sculptures. His brought some of his most recent works which were made out of large cable wires. He uses them in his sculptures but at the same time he used the cable as a line to create a drawing. As you can tell from my stop motion project with Legos I’m really interested in the differences between two dimensional and three dimensional planes, and what happens then the two comes together. I like his ideas of combining sculpture and drawings, but I was not really impressed by his works. They were quite simple and until he explains them they doesn’t do much to capture an audiences‘ attention. I think his work is still in an experimental phase, and at this point the work he is doing is mostly for himself. He has the right ideas but I think he is still developing a way to represent his idea in a meaningful way. I did enjoy some of his past works that he showed us in a slide show. He experimented with painting and I liked some of them, but I thought impressive works were his large scale sculptures.

November 27, 2007

Final Project Proposal

I wanted to do my final project on video games and see how people interact with games. Video games has advance so much in the last few years. I remember playing games like Sonic or Donkey Kong with one flat background and the characters keep moving to the right. Games now appear more three dimensional and the graphics are much better. It seems like a lot of popular vidoe games today involves the players interacting with the games. For example games like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Guitar Hero, and the new system Wii requires physical participation in order to play the game. I want to use the green scene to make it seem like the person is no longer just playing the games, but the player is now in it and has become a part of the game.

November 26, 2007

Quarter War

For the stop motion project I wanted to use Legos and to give them a life of their own. One thing I wanted to show in this stop motion project were three different realities. The human world, the 2D world of drawings, and a 3D world of Legos. I wanted to show that although the three realities are not the same, they co-exist together. I tried to make these connections by have different realities come together at different points. I also added a portal because I wanted to make a connection between the 2D and the 3D world, and to see what happens when a 2 dimensional drawing become a 3 dimensional object like a Lego.

Some problems that I had while doing this project was lighting and focusing the camera. The Legos and the white board both had shiny surfaces and I could light them directly without getting a glare, and I took some time before I could figure out the best way of lighting everything. It also took a long time the properly focus the objects because Legos are just so small and the close-ups requires a different focus from the far shots. Another big problem I was a trying to crease music to go with the video. I have no musical talent and I was really hard for me to make music. I also a lot of scenes and I didn’t know how to make different songs match the scenes and still make it flow nicely, so I decided on just one song.

I wanted to use the advantage of stop motion to make the Legos seem alive and to be able to move on their own, but at the same time I wanted this project look to look like a film. To make is seem more like a movie I did a lot of panning shots, different camera angles, and zoom in and out. I think overall the storyline was pretty clear, and I’m so what satisfied with the finish project. There are some things I would like to see improved but I’m sick of Legos I don’t want to continue.

November 5, 2007

Project #3 Proposal

In my stop motion project I am planning to combine 2D stop motion with 3D stop motion. For this project my subject will be Lego Men. I wanted to start off with a drawing and there will be two Lego men and they will be fighting. They will come across a portal and as they cross it they come out they appear into the third dimension (real world). I want to have the surroundings buildings to be made out of Legos but the background will be black so that I can use them as puppets to create the fighting between the two Lego guys. I have an example of the style I want in the video I attached. I got my idea of combining the 2D and 3D idea from one of The Simpsons Halloween episodes where Homer comes across a portal to the real world behind the book case in their house. The way I wanted to set up my video is like the example in the Japanese ping pong video. I wanted to do it this way because I thought it was really cool how they can have people doing crazy things like something you would on T.V. by simply camouflaging most of the cast in with the black background. By using stop motion in this project I think it will make it easier to make the fighting scenes looks more realistic like in the video Tony vs. Paul. I want to create my own fighting sounds like how they were making sounds in the ping png video. Those are the ideas I have for this project so far.

October 29, 2007

Cooking With Magic

I choose to do a cooking show because I like to cook. At first I made a serious video like a real cooking show, but I didn’t like it so I started all over and made it into a cooking show using magic tricks. I wanted to make this seem like a T.V. show so I had a title at the beginning, and the scrolling text at the end. I added the clapping after some of the tricks to make it seem like there was an audience watching, and also letting the viewers know what next week’s show will be about.
Magic shows are also usually intense and serious so the video had narration instead of me talking. I also tried using music to set a curtain tone or mood to the video. I used the music to make it seem more dramatic at times. I wanted it to look serious, but not something people would take seriously. I used more low quality effects like using stop motion or sticking a funnel through my sleeves and letting the water run. While editing this video I didn’t use too many effects. I used to speed changed to make the things go faster like the water flowing out of my hands, and the knife cutting the tomatoes. I wanted to keep the obvious low budget effects to make it seem funnier.
The hardest part for me while doing this project was to get the timing right. I had a hard time getting the narration, the video, and the music to line up just right. It also took a lot more time than I thought it would.

October 8, 2007

Project 2 Proposal

For the second project I plan on doing a satire of cooking shows. I got this idea when I was watching a cooking show last Friday. Watching cooking shows always makes me hungry and it looks so good I want to make them myself. I like cooking, but I usually prefer baking. I wanted to do a satire of it because the food I make never turns out the way it looks on T.V. They always make it look so quick and easy. It’s often hard to follow along with them on the show, and I have to get the recipe after the show online. In fact it’s almost impossible to follow along with the show because they have everything ready and a lot of things are done ahead of time. A meal that would normally take two hours to make they can do in fifteen minutes. They have all the food cut up and pre-cooked. They also have steps that are already cooked so they can show you what it’s suppose to look like, and of course it always looks delicious. However, once I’m done cooking the food it doesn’t turn out the way it looked on T.V. Its like the hamburger you buy in a fast food restaurant never looks as good as the one advertised in the commercials.

I think this video is intended towards the general public. For this project I’m planning on making spaghetti with meat sauce, meatballs and maybe a side salad. I wanted to take a meal that normally takes about an hour and squeeze it into five minutes. To make it humorous I might have everything cooking at once and use octopus arms to help me do it. I might want to mess with the speed during the editing process to make it look like I chop at super speed. I plan do the cooking in my house for a “home cooking? feel to it. I’m not sure which angle I’m going to shoot the video from exactly yet, and I think I might shoot from different angles to see which works best.

October 1, 2007

Studying at Starbucks

I choose to do my project at Starbucks because I like to go there to do there sometimes and have a blended coffee while I study. I usually think of it as a nice and quiet place, but I was surprised at how much I normally tone out. I wanted to make this a linear experience but I found it really hard. While I was recording I notice that there was music playing in Starbucks, but I didn’t give it much thought until I got to the editing part. A lot of the sounds I wanted to use had different background music to it. I had to use different tracks for some of the sounds, and used a separate track for the background song I choose. I used panning on some of the sounds, echo, reverse, amplify other sounds I wanted to emphasis, fade in and out and I normalize everything at the end. This project was harder and took a lot longer than I thought it would.

September 12, 2007

Construction Crash