November 26, 2007

Visiting Artist Opportunities ...

On Campus Events
At the Weisman ...
At the MIA ...
At the Walker ...
At the UMN Art Department ...
At the MCAD ...
At the CVA ...
At the MNCP ... and Here ...
Various others MN Artist listings

September 23, 2007

Class Notes

Demo Links
Art Checkout Website
Audacity Tutorials
MiniDisk to Audacity

Spatialization Examples
Binaural (remember to wear headphones)

27-May-2003, By Christopher Baker (more info here)

The Quiet American : A collection of binaural recordings from all over the world.

Make your own binaural microphone.

September 17, 2007

Class Notes

Here are some artist links from class
Luigi Russolo
Hugo Ball
John Cage

In Space, Mapping etc.
Sound Bike
Janet Cardiff
R. Murry Schaffer, World Soundscape Project
New York Sound Walk
Audio Bus
Sound Map
Sound Seeker
Tactical Sound Garden