September 12, 2007

Visiting Artist Assignment

Assigned: 12 Sept, 07

Attend 2 of the Visiting Artist talks (or 1 talk and one outside art event).

Click here to get a schedule of the talks.

Within one week of each talk, post a clear, well thought-out, response on the class blog. You should treat these with the same care as any college-level writing assignment (i.e. check your spelling, grammar and readability).

You might find it helpful to pick one or two comments that were made by the artist that either inspired you or upset you. Discuss your interpretation of the comments and explain why you agree or disagree with them.

Due date:
• One week after the talk/event: Post the response online
• 12 Dec, 2007 Both must be completed by this date.

Artist Presentation Assignment

Assigned: 12 Sept, 07

Each of you will pick out a single artist or collaborative group of artists (e.g. Ben Rubin vs. EAT) whose work is concerned with or employs digital media. Choose an artist that you care about - one that inspires you. The artist does not have to be alive. Plan to become an “expert? on your artist. If you can't decide on one, talk to me and we'll come up with some ideas based on your interests.

Once you have decided on an artist, you will prepare a short 10-minute presentation on your artist.

Begin with background information about the artist -- birthday, residence(s), education, awards, type of work (media used), and general themes in the art. Help us understand their context.

Present THREE specific works including title, media, date, dimensions/duration, etc. Describe and interpret the work. What is it about? What elements lead you to your interpretation? Does it relate to other people's work in any way? Finally, tell us what led you to choose the artist for your presentation.

Before you give your presentation, you will write a brief, single paragraph summary about your artist and post it on the blog. You should be sure to include helpful links to further info, the artist's website(s), or reviews.

[Be advised, you only have 10 minutes -- so be concise and give the presentation a practice run in front of a friendly audience].

Due dates for the presentation:

• 19 Nov 07 Let me know who you are thinking about presenting
• 03 Dec 07 One paragraph blog summary and 10 minute presentation due


Other questions to help you along ...
• Why are you interested in the work?
• How does it make you feel? Is it beautiful? Does it make you think?
• Is the work "about" something?
• How does the artist work? In a group? Alone?
• What medium does he or she use?
• Was this person always an artist? How did they become one?
• Are they well-known? If so, why do you think so?
• Where is the work shown? Museums? Festivals? Conferences? Pop-media?

September 10, 2007

Wordless Stories

Assigned: September 10, 2007

For this quick in-class assignment you go out into the world-wide-web and collect exactly 4 of the following sounds. You may not find the exact sound, but think of ways that they might be creatively interpreted. When you finish, you will use these sounds to create a short story without words. The final sound file should be no more than 30 seconds long, freesound :: home page

1. Squeezing
2. Flushing
3. Laughing
4. Working
5. Drinking
6. Breaking
7. Thumping
8. Rolling
9. Draining
10. Eating
11. Talking
12. Thinking
13. Driving
14. Collapsing
15. Primping
16. Posing
17. Running
18. Jumping
19. Computing
20. Nothing

Please make a composition with the following features:

0. Copy/Paste, moving things in time
1. Fade in/Fade out
2. Overlapping audio tracks
3. Echo/Delay
4. Pitch Change
5. Speed Change
6. Your choice!
7. Normalize it when you are done.
8. Save it as an MP3.

Due: 12 Sept. 07

September 5, 2007

Mobile Microphone Network

For your first experiment, we will be thinking about the role of of the mobile phone in society and attempting to invert its normal use.

So, here's what I want you to do.

Before next class period (10 September), make 6 short sound recordings (between 10 and 30 seconds) of sound-making objects, events, or happenings that you encounter in your everyday life. What do you hear when you are walking around campus, at home, in your car, on your bike, etc? These recordings can be made in public or private spaces, and may include spoken word, found sound or a sonic performance of some kind.

When you want to make a recording, call 612.501.2598 and simply leave a message. You may need to point your phone at your subject. Think of it as using your mobile phone as a mobile microphone.

Remember that the microphone on a cell phone is not a "high-fidelity" microphone. So make sure the sound isn't too quiet. If you want to test this, just call a friend, make the sound and ask the other person if they can hear it.

If you do not have a cell phone, talk to me and I'll show you how to use the the digital audio recorders available in checkout.

We will use these audio clips in class next week.